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Friday, February 8, 2013

Day 3 - A short Visit to Fremantle

From Swan Valley, husband drove us to Fremantle. He said we could visit a famous market & a prison nearby Fremantle. However, we cancelled the prison visitation when seeing the in-laws not interested in it. 

As Peth's neighbouring port town, Fremantle is just a 30-minute drive from the city. But we have taken more than 50 min to go there cause there are too many traffic lights along the way. Really frustrating about all those stops.

At around 1.30pm, finally we arrived at Fremantle town center. We parked our car at this road side parking lot. When the kids saw the ferry wheels, their mood was elevated instantly. Even though we told them we were not going to take the ferry wheels, they were happy to know they could play on the field after lunch. 

If there were just the 4 of us, we would sit in those side street cafe for a simple lunch. But with the in-laws along, we want to make sure they eat good enough.

There are quite some heritage buildings around the town center. Unfortunately, it's not a good time to stroll on the street under the hot sun, so that's all we could see. 

Since we all were hungry, husband lead us to the famous Fremantle Market for lunch.

The upper deck dining looks cool, but husband said there is a famous Japanese Ramen in the Market which is highly recommended by the tourist book. 

Frankly speaking, Ramen is nothing too special to us, cause there are bunch of good Ramen restaurants in HK. But we knew the parents in-law would love to eat Ramen than burger or fish-n-chips, so we go for Ramen anyway.

The Fremantle Markets opened in 1897, forming a precinct providing handicrafts, speciality foods, dining halls and fish and vegetable markets. The area also hosts buskers and other street performers. Over 150 stalls are housed in the Victorian-era building, which was listed by the National Trust of Australia and the state's Heritage Council in 1980.

That's Fremantle Market, only opened for weekends. 

We walked around to look for the Ramen stall, where is it?

At 1st sight, this market looks exotic...but when I look things in detail, there is nothing too special about the things they sell over here. Many of them are made in China, which is familiar to us. 

As usual, I more interested in their street performers though.

Couldn't resist the temptation of those fresh fruits. End up, we have bought 2 Australian Mango with HK's price (thought it would be cheaper). Anyway, we were happy that these 2 mango taste absolutely fantastic. 

Those wood handicraft items are quite expensive for my liking.

I was a bit disappointed for couldn't find anything I wanted to buy, haha...

Ok, finally we found that Ramen stall. Their place is so small that we have to wait for quite a while to get this big table for the 6 of us. 

Luckily, the Ramen was quite good. So we have no complaint about it. 

After lunch, the in-laws seems quite tired to walk any further. So, we took the kids back to the big field where we parked our car. We let the kids enjoyed themselves for some time, while we sat under a shady cafe sipping a cup of cappuccino and fruit juice. 

At around 4pm, we left Fremantle...So, this is really a very short visit to the place. 


My Family's Memoir said...

Seems like every where in Perth looks so neat and nice.

Jessy Lee said...

Same like many other places, Perth is also very neat and clean.

tasy said...

I remember Fremantle from my geography lessons in Form 2. I thought the name sounds nice. :)

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