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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Aiguille des Grands Montets

In order to link up with the route which we supposed to go by hiking all the way from Plan l'Aiguille (but we didn't because of William's condition at that time), husband said we got to take the train instead.
However, when we drove to the nearby train station, we saw a super long queue out there, under the hot sun. Without thinking much, we back off. Think we should come back a bit later when the crowds had gone.
To fill up the time gap, husband checked the map and within a few minutes, he worked out a back up plan. Then, he drove us to another cable car station. He told us maybe it's worth to go to the top, called Grands Montets. Ok, whatever.

The Aiguille des Grands Montets cable car station is located in the village of Argentiere, just north of Chamonix. Unlike other station, this station has a big car park, so there was no problem at all to find a parking lot here.

Argentière is the starting point for the Telepherique du Lognon cable car up to Les Grands Montets (3295 m), a skiing area famous for its steep and demanding slopes, both on-piste as well as off-piste.

When we stepped outside, we were totally amazed to see a realm of rugged high mountain scenery right in front of us.

At one side, there is this exceptional viewpoint point over the Argentière glacier, the Drus, the Aiguilles Rouges and the Mont Blanc. Unfortunately, the Mont Blanc was covered in thick cloud at that time.

The view at the other side...When the boys saw a big snow field down there, they wanted to go there immediately. So, husband got to follow them....

and I walked up the stairs to the higher viewpoint....To be honest, I felt freaking scared walking on this staircase alone, because it doesn't look strong enough to me. Anyway, I tried to overcome my fear and climb a little bit up...

The view is spectacular, I could see this glacier in full length.

Argentière glacier.

Some signs of collapse here. Thus, walking on the glacier can be very dangerous, and must be accompanied by an experienced guide.

Looking down, suddenly I felt panic, both of my legs felt weak. I grabbed the handle firmly and walked down very slowly.

Before I left, I snapped some more photos quickly.

Husband and the kids were having fun at the snow field down there, so I decided to go walk down and join them.

Passing through the open air restaurant on half way...

I didn't feel very safe to walk down either. Always have to watch out my steps.

Ok, finally went down safely.

They were having a snow ball battle at that time...

He couldn't avoid a throw from husband, sorry lah.

Husband called for time out. So, it's free activities time for us again.

While they were playing alone, husband and I walked near to the glacier side...

Such a beautiful backdrop...

Aiguille du Chardonnet (left) and Aiguille d'Argentière (centre)

this one can be used to make ABC lo...

My footprint on the snow.

Although it's time to go, the boys begged us to give them some more time. So, husband set a target for them. when the target was settle, we got to go then. They agreed.

The target was settled very fast. It's really time to go now.

Looking up, I took a deep breathe. Got to climb up to the cable car station up there. Luckily, I have some companies this time.

Although this trip was not in our original plan, it came out to be a nice surprise.



CY said...

Wow, MY. Absolutely fasinating. We also went to Mount Buller for skiing when we were in Melbourne but the weather is not so clear. Pai seh to load the pictures lah after seeing this. :)
BTW, you jot down all the places wherever you go, do you? Otherwise how can you write down all the places by memory?

jessylee said...

Thx CY.

Every place got its own charm and beauty.
So, don't bother to compare my pix with your pix lah. After all, we didn't go to the same place mah.

Nah, I never have that good memory to memorize the name of those places we go, particularly the alien words. To help myself, I normally keep the catalogues which we took from the tourist info center; or kept the admission ticket; or take the pix of the sign board along the way, etc...all these helps a lot.

cy said...

Yeah, just like what SH do too. But, being a lazy guy myself, you'll realize that my blog has less names despite having all the information in my hands. Haha.

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