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Sunday, August 1, 2010

Flying to Milano

This year summer vacation, we headed to West again. As usual, husband is our trip manager. He worked very hard for a detail itinerary before head to ensure things would go his way. That's include checking the weather forecast on daily basis, and fine tuned his plan accordingly. I really salute him for his dedication.

After many days waiting, finally the departure day came. Unlike the past several trips, this trip was a smooth one because we could get the confirmed seats a few days before departure. It's great to have a good start....

Departure time was 0050 midnight. William was almost dozed off before boarding. So did I.

Despite loading was full for almost every flight to every destination, this flight to Milan was surprising not full. Thus, husband had came out with a brilliant idea to mark 6 seats for the 4 of us. When he checked in on line, he choose the seats with 3-seat at a row, the window seat and the aisle seat, left the middle one vacant. Under normal circumstances, nobody would want to be sandwiched at the middle seat, right. His plan worked out. That's how Vincent and husband got 3 seats at the front, while William and I got another 3 seats at their back. Excellent !

William slept almost as soon as the plane took off, lying flat. When he woke up, he spent all of his time either watching movie or playing games. It's easy to travel with them nowadays.

12 hours later, the plane slowly descending.

The time was 0630, sun rise time. The sky out there was peacefully awesome !

Throughout my window, I could see how the mechanisms on the wing work out. Sometimes the openings were flipped up, sometimes they were all closed. Amazing.

Low enough to see the land below...

I enjoyed some quiet moments looking the scenes down there.

Finally landing. All of the openings were flipped up.

Milan Malpensa Airport.

Hello Milano. Here we come....


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