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Sunday, August 8, 2010


Our chauffeur continued to drive like a robot...
I did feel sorry for him, also feelt guilty that I couldn't help him because I wasn't insured in the car rental's contract. So, it got to be him who drive. By then, he has been driving for more than 6-7 hours already. Poor him.

Luckily, it didn't take us a long time to reach here, a town called Menaggio.
Menaggio is situated on the western shore of Lake Como at the point where the road bordering the lake meets with the road leading to Lugano.

The name of those towns along the Italian Lake sounds very familiar, like the names of some of the newly developed real estate in HK, eg. Palazzo, Sausalito etc. But the thing is, those real estates look nothing similar to the estate in Italian Lake, not even 10% of it.

Although the time was 3.45 pm, we decided to stop here for a walk. Also because husband said our final destination is not too far from this town.

Menaggio is a town located on the western shore of Lake Como, which its shape is like an upside down 'Y'.

This time, we were lucky to find a place for packing on the road side.

The promenade.

The lake is renowned for its outstanding beauty, having featured extensively in many movies including Star Wars Episode II Attack Of The Clones, Ocean's Twelve and the James Bond Movie, Casino Royal (both filmed at Villa del Balbianello).

Some boats waited to be rented.

This is a popular tourist desintation and a perfect venue for sailing, windsurfing and kitesurfing.

The area is surrounded by many beautiful villas and resort villages, thus it attracts the rich and famous worldwide, including George Clooney, Jennifer Lopez and Eros Ramazzotti who own a properties at Lake Como.

Like a beach, but in fact, a lake side.

The boys wanted to play water. We just let them. After all, they haven't been using up their energy for almost the whole day by now. While they were playing there, I sat here to safe guide them.

The sun at that time was not hot anymore, just nice. So, we stayed here for quite a long time, about 30 minutes.

Beautiful view.

He asked if he could go further, I said ok, as long as he won't get himself all wet. Looking at his happy face, I felt happy too.

On the other side, this Lassie dog was very playful too. It played throw-and-catch with its master like it will never get bored.

A very beautiful dog it is.

Wonder if these are George Clooney's private boat?

The Lake Como ferry service is a highly developed public transport system linking the dozens of small towns and villages dotted around the perimeter of the Lake.

While they were still playing, I walked away for a while....

The splendid lake side promenade offers an unique view of the central lake area.

Looks like a nest, a romantic one.

Ok, time to go now....

Before we drove off, the boys wanted to pee. So, we got to walked to the town center to look for one.

The place was rather quiet.

After wee-wee, we got to move on then.

If we had enough time, we would like to spend more time at here. But the time was nearly 4.30 pm by then, we just got to run lo....


Gargles said...

love the pic of ks with vincent. good shot!

jessylee said...

thx, that's William la.

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