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Sunday, August 8, 2010


From Menaggio, husband said we can take a ferry to go to Bellagio, which is the highlight of the day.

The pier is just 5 minutes driving distance from where we parked our car. So, it didn't pose any stress to the driver this time.

While waiting for the ferry to arrive, we walked around the promenade and overlook Bellagio at the opposite side of the lake. Bellagio is a very beautiful town in Lake Como, so it's no way we would bypass it, in any means.

The ferry was approaching the pier....

By instruction, everyone drove their car in line and waited for boarding.

This car ferry can be loaded with around 10 vehicles.

The time was nearly 5 pm by then, luckily the sky was still as bright as 3 pm. That's the greatest advantage of travelling in summer time.

Slowly leaving the pier and off to Bellagio...

This is indeed a very lovely place. No wonder the celebrities love here too.

Bellagio, here we come....

I really grateful to husband who drove for nearly 7 hours to take us to Bellagio. Such a long-hour-drive requires a very clear state of mind, and it certainly had tested husband's patience to limitation. This is true especially the car is manual gear. He said he had probably changed gear manually for over 1000X that day. Imagine.
Although the road to here is difficult, it's a very memorable and unique one. And past experience told us the hardest the journey, the more appreciation we would feel when we make it to the end point.

Indeed, I feel cherish and grateful that we could make it here at last. Should we have taken the "easy" road, which is a highway, I probably will take it for granted.

Getting closer and closer to Bellagio.

Bellagio, known as the pearl of the lake, is in a beautiful setting where the three branches of Lake Como come together.

The left side of Bellagio

Middle left part...

Middle right part...

The right side.

The boys enjoyed this open-air ferry ride very much.

Bellagio's Pier.

There are limited parking lot near the pier area, and we were so lucky to get one when we just arrived.

Husband asked if I would like to put a night here, and I was very hesitated. Part of me wanted to end the day at this place, but knowing this would make husband to drive a longer distance in the next morning had halted me to make the quick decision...I told him we should decide it later on.

A lakeside cafe, with great view.

From the pier, we headed to the town center for a walk.

The gift shops here sell very unique handmade products, virtually there is no duplication in the items they sell. And that makes price-comparison impossible. Like these animals display which made of stones, I couldn't see the similar concept being sold in any other shops in Bellagio.

There are quite a number of hotels along the lake side...

The restaurant setting of Hotel Suisse.

Some other restaurants...

From the lake side street, we walked up the stairs to go deeper.

There are many nice restaurants and shops at the upper side of Bellagio too.

This restaurant is so cute...

William was looking at those big tarts and big pies, but he didn't bugged us to buy one for him. Good boy.

Tables on the street were not occupied, probably because the time was still too early for dinner.

Looking back to where we came from.

We walked up further...

Another non-busy restaurant. Besides Lasagne, we have no idea what's the menu was all about.

At the end of the staircase is this jewelery shop, the sold items are 100% handmade. The design is unique, but the price is too expensive for my liking.

We then turned left to this street.

Like said, there are many street bars here.

A relatively larger space in front of the church.

Inside the church. We sat there for a while, then left.

There are many this kind of narrow street. It's hard to tell if this is people's front yard or their back yard?

We strolled the town here and there for some more time...the old but refurbished buildings had made this place a shining star.

Going down to the lake side.

An insect toy, not cheap.

I like those handmade dolls, so beautiful. Look carefully and you will see most of the items sold here are very beautiful.

Lemon fruit wine. I like its color.

The time was nearly 6 pm by then. We returned to the lake side to look for a restaurant for quick dinner. Yes, the foods must come fast, cause we were running short of time.

Waiting for the foods...

20 minutes waiting, the foods came. The spaghetti sucks, for it wasn't cooked properly.

Since that morning time, suddenly they came up with a new addiction : they collect the the bottle's cap. For the rest of the days, they looked everywhere for cap. I think it's a good idea too, cause the caps can be a good representative of the country.

Those are from Italy.

Soon after we cleared the foods, we left Bellagio at around 7.30 pm.
Husband estimated he would need to drive for 1 hr to go to our next hotel. But the sign board that direct us to the highway is very confusing. Also, the hotel isn't that easy to find. End up, we spent additional 30 min before we finally arrived at the hotel.
The time was nearly 9.30 pm when we checked in. After settling down, we fell asleep almost instantly....What a day, especially for husband, who has driven for nearly 10 hr that day.


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