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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Venezia Pigeon

When I said : ok, let's go to feed the pigeons.
The boys jumped up from the bed, and went to wear their shoes in a lightning speed. No doubt, this is something they would love to do.

So, at 5pm, we walked to St. Marco Square again.
People are sitting or standing or crouching amongst thousands of pigeons, trying to coax them into eating out on their hands, on top of their heads, or on their arms...

Well, we were one of the people there...

They have very high hope this time...so I prayed hard for them too.

After 5 minutes, still the boys didn't get what they want. To console them, I said the birds need some time to get 'warm-up' with them, so they must be patience.

Just at that time, a pigeon landed on Vincent's arm...

That made him the happiest boy of the day.

After a while, that pigeon fly up to his shoulder, like they are very old friends already.

I was thinking, thank God it didn't kiss him.

A few minutes later, another bird landed on his arms. Guess they are lovers? Vincent were totally thrilled and flattered by this couple.


William was so envy of his big brother. And the big brother, has such a big heart this time to want to give one bird to his little brother. Yeah, that's the way....I felt warm to see this.
Anyway, none of the birds flew over William....

He was about to feel upset. Luckily just at that time, a pigeon landed on him.

He was not so comfortable with the bird though...but he hang on.

On the other side, a bird that favor my hubby.

From hubby's look, he thinks the bird is sickening...Anyway, he entertained it for a while.

Within a minute, he made it go away after I had taken this picture for him.

All the bread that we have brought along had been eaten within 15 minutes time. But, the boys figured out the birds would landed on them even though they gave no foods to them. All they needed to do was just open up their arms to welcome the birds.

Gosh, some birds even dare to stand on people's head. I certainly hope they won't pee or boo on people's hair. Yucks.

As a conclusion, Venezia Pigeons are the most friendly birds I have ever seen. Also, they are totally spoilt !


Anonymous said...

your children are adorable!

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