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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Chamonix Leisure Park

As usual, sons would ask where we would be going after every trip. When husband told them that they would sure love the place we were about to go, this has aroused their curiosity ....they kept bugging us to tell them what the place it is. But we remained secret.
Luckily, they didn't have to wait too long for this, it was just a 5 minutes driving distance from the car park to here. I checked the watch, the time was around 3 pm by then.

They shouted "hurray" when they saw this...Looking at their sunny happy face, made us feel worth to pay 45 for the admission ticket.

The only self service restaurant in the park

The 4-seater chairlift that can transport us to 1250 m height is the highlight of the park. From the top, it provides access to the base of the slopes in an exciting way.

Kids must wear the helmet for this activity.

We lined up for about 30 minutes, finally it's our turn to get on the chairlift.

Ok, we will slide to the base when we reached the top later. Syok.

This summer sledging is the main attraction of the leisure park. Accessible to all, children and adults find this a fun activity.

Looking down to Chamonix Valley.

Although there was a long queue down there, not every ascending-chairlift was let occupied. I think they control for balance concerns since the descending-chairlift was mostly vacant.

The speed of the chairlift is very slow, I think it took about 15-20 minutes to reach the top.

Then, we dragged a sledge to the track....Vincent was tall enough to slide down on his own, but William needed adult accompany. Furthermore, I need a company too, so we made a perfect match.

Husband slided down first, followed by Vincent, then our turn. William said he should take control of the sticks which allow acceleration and brake since he sat at the front. I just let him be, but he hold for the brake most of the time, so we slided down in a turtle speed.

I asked William why he won't let the sledge accelerate more, he said he felt that I was scared wo...For this, we had argued for quite some time afterwards.
Besides summer sledging, there are many activities awaiting for them in the park...

For example, small electric motorcycles for them to be like the old.

Although bike racing is not possible with that turtle speed, they played round and round until we dragged them away for other activities.

The operation method is for real, and it's not easy at all to control the 4 sticks for the purpose.

Getting ready for a sky Dive up to 12 m high. First, he got to push the button for himself.

Then he would be pull to the far end by a rope, and bounced back from that end to the original. Vincent loves this and he played it again and again.

I tried too, and it's very fun.

Taking height in a Panoramic Tour, one need to pull the rope to climb the tower. There isn't any staff to control the up-and-down movement, it's all on ours.

In fact, this is a self service leisure park. Almost 90% of the activities are self-service. They built many rides in such a mechanic way that one can control it by themselves very easily. Such a clever design, and very environmental friendly too.

This one is called Nautic Jet. It's self service too. Once settle in, just pulled that string....

The jet will go up to a 8 m high, then it will slide down fast at 40 km / h for a special landing on the water. Some adults played that too, but we didn't.

fly out from the rail...

landed safely on the water...

Vincent's turn.

They so love this ride.

Besides the summer sledging, every queue to the other ride was not too long, they just needed to wait for 5 minutes only.

Komet, or Giant Swing. The system works simple : the more you pull the rope, the higher you go up.

They swing themselves real high. I could hear their sounds of giggling all the way.

4 tracks of slides, each 40 m long. Just take the carpet and slide down.

He loves it. I think he played that for more than 10 times.

This is called Loops. It gave you an incredible sensation of rotating in a washing machine. I've tried that with son, and I shouted louder than them. Vincent likes this sensation, and he played that alone for many times.

Son invited me to play this again with him, so I obeyed lo.
Husband said we should play the summer sledging for one more time. To him, this is the most worthwhile ride. No one objected, so we took the liftchair and went up to the top again. This time, William wanted to pair with his daddy. When all of us touched down safe and sound, husband said son let go of the sledge pretty fast, no sign of braking at all. OK, I think he'd got the experience already.

Although sons wanted to play in the park for some more longer, we had to drag them to leave since the time was getting late by then (6 pm). We drove back to our hotel room which is 15 minutes driving distance from the town area.

We rested in the hotel room for some time. At 7 pm, we went out again for dinner.

There are many nice restaurant in the town. After buying some breads and mineral water from a grocery store, we picked a street side restaurant which sell local foods. Actually, almost all of the restaurant here is selling local foods. Although this is a tourist town, foods variety is not international at all.
I'm not a cheese lover, nor a meat eater, so I can only choose the main dish with tomato sauce or mushroom sauce, really not many choices for me out there.

Unlike in HK, the waiting time for the foods to be serverd is generally 20-30 minutes. William was too tired that he felt asleep even before the foods arrived.

My set dinner, salad + tomato sauce spaghetti + citrus crepes. Taste not bad.

One of the crepes that we ordered, crepes with meat loaf. Vincent love it. As for husband, he ordered a bowl of lasagna and pasta. The pasta is ok, but the lasagna is very oily. Really is not my cup of tea.

We had to carry the sleeping pig back to the hotel room. He never woke up until the next morning came.


cy said...

Wow, MY. You have been travelling again! How much travelling you do a year, seriously? 12 times? Sooo envy. Anyway, nice pictures and thanks for sending your regards to my sis. Met her in KL and she says you are travelling again. Well, I am back working now and has updates some of my Melbourne trip too. Hope you like it. France is beautiful.

jessylee said...

Hi CY.

No lah, where got so many travelling, want to but got no time lah.

Normally we go for a long vacation once in a year only, in summer time. So, this is it lah.

Not just France, but the whole Europe is very beautiful, and romantic too. Thus, we like Europe very much.

Gargles said...

all the rides really looked like fun. i guess your kids would yawn when they come to genting highlands here. :)

jessylee said...

nah, i bet they will like genting highlands too.

anything that can swing them wildly or give them a high speed sensation, they'll like..

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