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Thursday, April 5, 2012

A Beautiful Morning....

The next morning, brother came to our hotel to pick us at 8.30 am, sharp. That's him.

Well, first thing to do was of course to find foods to fill up the tummy. Brother drove us to an open air food court that is located at beach side. At first, I didn't really pay much attention to the place, cause I was more into the destination we were about to go after breakfast....

Only when we arrived there, we got to know the food court was not opened cause the time was still early? Or maybe they didn't open for breakfast, I'm not sure. Anyway, since we were there, we took a short walk around the area.

Brother pointed to all the cables above and told us this lake is meant for surfing activity in the evening time. Instead of pulling the surfer by boat, the cables do.

Later, the reflection on the calm water surface had amazed us.

The perfect reflection had given a special effect here, like Vincent was walking between 2 upside down building, and William was standing right beneath a building.

When we walked back to the car park, I paid some attention to the place. Ok, this is East Coast Park.

Like said, it's located at beach side.

Too bad the stalls were not opened, or we could have sit here for breakfast.

Precisely, this food court is called East Coast Lagoon Food Village.

I like those big trees planted along the roadside all over Singapore. They are like a big umbrella blocking the fierce sunlight for the pedestrian or driver. Good job.

After leaving the East Coast Food Village, brother drove us to another place for breakfast instead.

We stopped at Ceylon Rd of Katong. Brother said this place is famous for their curry laksa, especially shop 328.

Too bad, 328 Katong Laksa was not opened in the morning as well, wonder why?

Like any other famous shop & restaurant, 328's owners like to show off their photos taken with the celebrities and stick on the wall.

Ok, I saw Nicholas Tse-Ting-Fong and Yan-Chi-Dan here. They are in the photo with a bigger size than the rest.

The lady in the middle is the owner. Her red hair is the trade mark of 328 Katong Laksa. Cool.

Since 328 was not opened, we walked across the street to its opposite 49 Katong Laksa. This stall was opened. Good then, we could eat Katong Laksa at last.

Waiting for the laksa to come....

Although 49's curry laksa is not as famous as 328's, it tastes fantastic enough to me already. The soup is not spicy but more tend to sweet, must be the coconut milk. Brother said the uniqueness of Katong Laksa is people get to eat the noodle by using spoon only, not with chopsticks.

The old buildings in Katong main road have been reserved very well. The Singapore government has done a very good job to refurbish the buildings with striking colors yet able to maintain their original structure. I would say those old buildings so so charm now.

Brother with the rented car, cost him 70bucks per day.

After leaving Katong, brother drove us to Sentosa Island...

The Marina Bay Sands, the Singapore Flyer & the Esplanade Threaters has definitely upgraded the city's landscape.

I heard that people can dine in the flyer, that sounds so cool.

Esplanade - theater on the bay.

The Sail @ Marina Bay.

Vincent in car.

Unlike the skyscrapers in HK, the skyscrapers in Singapore have more space between them.

When I look carefully, each of the building has its own design, very beautiful indeed.

The busy harbour in downtown area....


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