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Thursday, April 5, 2012

Around Sentosa Island

The last time we go to Singapore was 6 years ago, Vincent was 5 and William was only 2.

Although travelling with 2 small kids was very physically taxing, we did go to Sentosa Island for a day trip. Looking back to those pictures is really heart warming. At the same time, I marvel how time does fly.

The boys look different now, how about Sentosa Island?

This is a very posh area, the condo worth a few million S$ Normal cars are not allowed to enter their vicinity. Anyway, we came to Sentosa Island for another purpose, not for touring around the place.

The time was 11 am by then, and the sun was kind of bite. We didn't want to exhaust ourselves walking under the hot sun. After all, we have a very important place to go afterwards.

So, brother stopped the car near a beach side, and we strolled around the area for a while.

The sun was really hot, that have made sons not-so-active.

Told them we would leave the place after taking some photos.

It's hard to open eyes under the glaring sun.

Luckily I took my sun glasses along, and get to see the scene in polarizing effect. What I saw was just like the picture has shown here.

Alright, let's go.

The Sentosa's Merlion.

Going to the other side of the beach.

Under the fierce sun, they could hardly open their eyes. My brother said the weather condition in Singapore can be categorized as hot, very hot, and very very hot. I would call that day a very hot day.

Anyway, we decided to walk a little bit more before going to our next destination.

Didn't know whose bike was that, simply parked on the pathway.

Emm...does it look like the pirate ship in Caribbean?

They were not so into the ship, guess it's too baby for them.

Walked a bit further to the beach.

Not too many people bathing under the hot sun.

The boys were not so interested to play on the beach. Instead, they were more interested to climb this baby wall.

Brother had invited the boys to walk across that suspension bridge, but they were not so interested to go either. We were the same too, not so interested to go under the hot sun. Furthermore, we wanted to reserve the energies for the "big" things we were going to do later on. 

So, we decided to shot some pictures, then go.

Ok, let's move on....


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