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Thursday, April 5, 2012

Universal Studios Singapore

Ok, finally we were heading to Universal Studio, highlight of the day...

When we ran over this bridge, somehow I felt like we were approaching Venice.

This place has changed a lot compared to 6 years ago, and I'm amazed to see its rapid development.

Resort World Sentosa, I think it has become one of the world's famous now.

The newly added in Sentosa, Universal Studios Singapore (USS). It was a key component of Genting's bid for the right to build Singapore's second integrated resort. Construction of Resorts World Sentosa, and USS began in 19 April 2008. After almost 2 years of construction, the parked was opened on 18-Mar 2010.

USS is the second Universal Studios theme park to open in Asia (Japan being the first), and the first in Southeast Asia.

The Resorts markets the park as a "one-of-its-kind theme park in Asia", and promises that the park will be the only one of its kind in Southeast Asia for the next 30 years. Cool...

The boys' 1st time, standing in front of the Universal Globe. 

Again, thanks to my brother who care to drive us all the way from East Coast to USS. He even had asked his friend to buy us 4 entry tickets on line, with 15% discount. What can I say...he really had made this trip a relax & easy one for us.

There were many tourists posing themselves here. Virtually we couldn't get any picture without anyone clogging my view finder.

It's impossible to get a picture like this....

We would want to take our dinner at this Malaysian Food Street later on.

Lake of Dreams, Lake of Dreams, whose dream is the greatest of all?

There are a total of 24 attractions, of which 18 are original or specially adapted for the park. The park consists of 7 themed zones which surround a lagoon. Each zone is based on a blockbuster movie or a television show, featuring their own unique attractions, character appearances, dining and shopping areas.

As soon as we entered the park, we were on the Hollywood Boulevard, themed after the real Hollywood Boulevard of the 1970s. The Hollywood zoon is framed by dynamic architecture, palm trees and the famous Hollywood "Walk of Fame".

There is this pop-corn car,  parked at a very prominent location.

We sense that the price of the pop corn is not cheap, so we didn't bother to go near to check it out.

As usual, son was busy checking the map, looking for the places that he wanted to go.

Husband was also busy checking the map...I was attracted by the beautiful lady who stood there instead. She looks like an actress to me.

Like said, every zones were built surround the lagoon, very easy to go.

While waiting for them to digest the map, I took some pictures on the street. Frankly speaking, there is nothing too special about the Hollywood Boulevard.

The store that sells souvenirs, not my cup of tea for that day.

Before we proceed, we bumped into Woody Woodpecker. It reminds me of that innocent cartoon back in my childhood time.

Walking towards the lagoon....

Was the make-up FOC?

Behind me is the lagoon front.

We turned left and to this place...

The boys were thrilled when they saw this big ship that looks very familiar. Yeap, they could tell us easily the ship is from the movie "Madagascar".

Met Alex, Gloria, Marty and Melman in the Madagascar zone.

Very funny...

We should have made the same gestures like the 4 behind us, haha...

I called my friend, she told me she & her girls have joined the queue in there already. So, we quickly go in there too.

It's a long queue in there. We inhaled and get ready to wait for at least 40 minutes, like my friend did.

Have been waiting for 15 minutes at here....

Have been waiting for 30 min at here....

Have been waiting for nearly 40 minutes at here...

Finally we got to see something out of nothing. Seeing the boat, I knew I shouldn't have put high hope about this ride then.

After waiting for soooo long, the boys couldn't wait to jump in the boat. Well, me too, really need to rest my tired feet.

Oopps, everyone was waiting for me to sail on. I better hurry then.

Yo, move on faster.

It said the ride takes guests on a journey with the 4 heroes Alex, Marty, Melman and Gloria on a river boat adventure with state-of-the-art animatronics, digital projection, evocative sound and moving show-action effects that create a one-of-a-kind, immersive ride experience.

Ok, we'll see....

Yeap, that's the end of the ride. Nothing had surprised me though.

I called my friend again, she said she was waiting to meet us in the Far Far Away Land.

On the way to that Far Away Land...

Just a few minutes walks, we arrived at the entrance of Far Far Away Land.

Finally, we catch up with my friend and her 2 beautiful daughters. We decided to go into the castle for a 4D show right a way.

However, the DJ had held us in this waiting area and he really had talked too much. I guessed he only let us in after 15 minutes or so.

The theater...very cozy and cool.

This theater hosts The Shrek 4-D with character appearances of Shrek, Donkey, Puss in Boots and Princess Fiona. The show is not bad, we enjoyed it very much.

Came out from the castle and see this, who is he?

A group photo with the castle as backdrop.

The time was nearly 1.30pm by then. Knowing the theme park will be closed at 7pm, we couldn't afford to waste too much time wandering around.

The next place we had passed through is a street themed after post-modern New York City that features sidewalks and classic landmarks that mimic its impressive cityscape.

Well, I haven't been to New York City before, so I have no idea how it actually looks like. 

Another theater featuring live show.

This show is so-so only.

After the show was over, my friend took us to a nearby restaurant for lunch.

While waiting for the foods to come....

The paintings on the wall are quite nice.

That's our lunch, my friend had bought us a very big pizza (diameter 40"), really no kidding one. The package is also includes a plate of pasta, soups and soft drinks. We have tried very hard to finish up the foods, but we got to left 2 slices of pizza to pack and go.

Along the way, we have bumped into Bumble Bee...

The queue to watch a transformer show is super long. We were told the waiting time was at least 50 minutes, so we decided to turn back to here later on.

We get on the accelerator teacups, a whirling twirling ride that spins us around in high speed.

Well, the ride wasn't that dreadful. I just fake it to boost up the moods of the kids.

I guess none of them think this ride is a scary one, even a 4 year-old can handle it well.

The park also features the world's tallest pair of dueling roller coasters that are based on the popular television series, Battlestar Galactica.

We stood under there to watch the trains rolling upside down like crazy. End up, only these 3 had decided to sign up for the ride.

OMG, looking at the tracks had enough to make me throw up everything that stored in my stomach.

The red track is a normal coaster we used to see everywhere.

The blue track is a sit-down coaster designed for riders wanting a roller coaster experience without inversions. The trains are modeled after the Colonial Mark II Viper and utilize lap restraints, giving the rider total upper body freedom. At certain points along the ride, the coaster can reach speeds of up to 90 kilometers per hour.

Luckily these 2 young one didn't want to go for the ride, else we also didn't know should we let them go?

Gosh, I'm really too old for this lo.

While waiting for the 3 to return, we walked around for sight seeing.

Needless to say, this is the Ancient Egypt Zone. It is themed after the rich Egyptian architecture and artifacts found during the Golden Age of Egyptian Exploration in the 1930s.

I don't know why they want to make themselves so tall like this? They look like freaks to me.

Didn't go to the other end though, guess there is only this tall monument over there.

When the 3 of them returned to ground safe & sound, we moved on the Lost World zone, which features 2 smaller themed regions - Jurassic Park and Waterworld.

The blue-green color is so unlike the color of a real dinosaurs, even the small kids are not thrilled to see them.

Anyway, this gate is good. We felt like we have entered the real Jurassic park as seen in the movie.

We have waited quite some time in this place. See, we have queued for more than 20 minutes, then out of our expectation, the wild water ride we have been waiting for was shut down due to the thunderstorm forecast. We could understand their decision if the sky was pouring, but there was no sign of rain at all, not even a single rain drop...We would want to leave, but the kids refused to go. So, we gave them some more time, hopefully the ride would be resumed after some time.

While we went back to the Jurassic Park, we happened to find out that the waiting time to Revenge of the Mummy's ride was just 5 minutes. Without thinking, we signed up to the ride. 

Only that we didn't know this is a high speed psychological thrill ride with sharp turns and fast reverse section. It pits guests against fireballs, scarab beetles and robotic warrior mummies, all in partial darkness.

My heart has almost jumped out from my mouth at some of the parts. Gosh, should I knew that earlier, maybe I would chicken out.  

We still have some more time to go for another ride before going back to the Transformer's. So, we went to take a seemingly easier ride, the Canopy Flyer. 

The speedy take off is quite something..

But the speed didn't go any slower for the whole ride. See, this suspended 4-seater roller coaster suppose to allow the guests a prehistoric bird's eye view of Jurassic Park. But with this speed, I just got to close up my eyes and hear William screamed the whole time while he buried his head on my shoulder.

The only good thing about this high speed is the ride ended very fast. I think less than 1 minute. 

After taking 2 speedy ride consecutively, we walked back to the Far Far Away Land with a dizzy head. 

Far Far Away Castle is based on the kingdom of the same name featured in DreamWorks Animation's Shrek. 

I overheard someone said that Shrek and Princess Fiona were somewhere nearby to greet the guests. So, we decided to go to look for them.

The other 2 had gone to a wee-break.

One day you will be a Prince Charming to somebody.

Ok, finally caught Shrek and Princess Fiona at here...

Glad to see that Shrek & Princess Fiona is no any bigger than us.

Ok, time to go back to Sci-Fi City.

Sci-Fi City is themed after what cities and metropolis may look like in the future, equipped with space-age technologies and the ultimate modern conveniences.

For those who is Tranformers' fans should know this is the very important thing. William told me in great detail what this thing is. BTW, it's called the "CUBE". 

This one is actually the tail of a scorpion. Sigh, which part of it looks like a tail leh?

Sons love them, for they finally got to see those fantasy stuffs in person.

We have been waiting for more than 45 min by now...

Ok, one more round, and it would be our turn.

I would say the ride is super fantastic, the best I have ever tried. It's made the long time waiting worthwhile. 

To the boys, this is their hero, ok.

Ok, the park would be closed very soon. We need to go to the exit fast.

Ran to this chocolate short man at the exit.

Gosh, it was a tiring day. Although the waiting time has consumed most of our time, it's still worth going for once in a life time. 


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