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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Wild Wild Wet

I don't know why Easter holiday is such a big deal in Hong Kong? But majority of the employees get to enjoy a super long weekend (4 days consecutive) every year this time.

And I don't know why the government didn't make this as a mandatory holiday for all? So left a minority of the employees having none holiday at all, while watching the others having fun time of it. Sad to say, the people who work for my company are those of the pathetic minority.

To save myself from a "depression" over the long Easter holiday this year, I took some days off and we went to Singapore for a short vacation that only last for 5D4N.

My brother who live in Singapore had planned and arranged almost everything for us, so this trip was rather a relax one to us. Furthermore, we were so lucky to get 4 confirmed seats in the morning's 0900 flight. All this had definitely cheered me up !!

Like said, my brother took very good care of us. He even rented a car to pick all of us up from Changi Airport. From there, he drove us straight to the resort hotel he has booked for us with a corporate price that is offered to his company's staff. How fantastic.

As soon as we checked in the hotel, my brother brought us to a nearly restaurant that sell good Hai-Nan chicken rice for lunch. He said he would take us to Ubin Island for a walk after lunch.

But as soon as we sat down on the table, a crazy insert had knocked into my brother's right eye, that made his eye get pretty shocked of it and couldn't recover even after 40 min. Boy, I felt so helpless to see his pain.

Seeing my brother's condition, I suggested we should give up the plan going to Ubin Island. Instead, I insisted he should get some rest in the hotel room until he feel well again. In order to let my brother slept well, we took the kids to the hotel's theme park as this is what they desired to go anyway.

It was pretty hot outside, husband and I just wanted to sit under the roof while waiting for the kids to get their business done. The good thing is, it's free entrance for the guest. If not, we have to pay around 50 bucks to get in there. For this, we feel the little money we have paid to the hotel is super worth it.

Another good thing about being a boy, they can just strip off their shirt and pants to go in there when their parents didn't bring along their swim suit. Haha....

The water-floating they played as warming up.

This place is called Wild Wild Wet. Not so popular, but many people seems to know about this place though.

The boys told me later, that they were not allowed to slide down from the top over there cause of the height issue. Well, it does seem a bit too high for the kid to slide down without parental guidance. So, I told the boys this is the right thing for them to do.

Yeah, this pool is just right for the not-so-small kids, and big-enough kids too.

From time to time, I would walk from the shaded place and stood over a bridge to check out the boys. And at the same time, took some pictures too. As for husband, he sat there happily playing with our newly bought iPad 3.

There's William, sliding...

There's Vincent, crossing a hanging bridge.

When William didn't get to see me on the bridge, he would come to check if we were still there, also to report the things that he saw. For example, he said this big pail will be flipped over when the bell rang, and then lots of water will spill out. He asked me to MUST see it for myself.

Fine, I walked to the bridge to check it out when I heard the bell rang...

OMG, William was so right. It was really a hell lots of water spilling down when the pail was flipped over. And my boys (so do other kids), they just love to sit down's there to feel the water falling on them. They did it over and over again, for at least 4X-5X.

Even from far, I could see that they did have some fun time playing in the pool.

And it's so good that they have each other's company, that can spare us some free time.

When we get back to the room at about 5 pm, my brother was up and he said he was good by then. Husband and I were so relieved to see his recovery, so the next place we were going isn't clinic or hospital.

Since the time was too early for dinner, my brother drove us to his apartment as per my request. Well, we just had this new interest to want to see other people's house these day, hehe...


tasy said...

yo! why you guys didn't have a good splash at the pool too?? the "dau thau lum" (big pail splash) is SUPER FUN even for adults, ok!

jessylee said...

yo, that's because we didn't bring our swim suit along mah...can't just strip off my shirt and pants like that, right?

My Family's Memoir said...

Your kids must have enjoyed to the max

jessylee said...

Yes JJ, they did enjoy playing there to the max, especially when the water splashing down on them. Guess this has given them a brand new body sensation that they have never felt before.

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