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Thursday, April 5, 2012

Malaysian Food Street

We were dead exhausted and hungry when we exited the USS, I felt like my legs couldn't carry me anymore.

Not wanting to walk any further, the most convenient place to fill up our groaning tummy is for sure the Malaysia Food Street which is located just outside the USS.

We should have expected that many ppl were as tired as we did, and they would just go to this Malaysia Food Street to look for foods too. So, here we are, couldn't find a table for the 7 of us...

After 10 min or so, then we managed to find half of a table for us, that only fit for 5 person. Well, it's better than having to eat, standing up right there.

One thing I dislike about going to theme park, everywhere is so crowded and so, have to wait long for everything too.

The girls are very patient and polite all the time. I have never heard them complained or what-so-ever. I must said that my friend and her husband have done a very good job here.

My sons are not bad too, hehe...

We asked the kids to sit still, and the 3 adults scattered around to look for foods.

Many stalls had closed their business cause the foods have been sold out already. Sigh.

I was lining up to order the hot pot chicken rice. Later then I knew the waiting time was at least 30 min after my order was taken.

It's no wonder the waiting time is at least 30 minutes...they really cook the rice by using charcoal, the traditional way.

So I gave up, though the rice really looks delicious to me.

Husband managed to get some Penang Prawn Noddles, I managed to get some Bak-Kut-Teh, and my friend managed to get some ABC & desserts for all of us. That's our dinner for the day.

Brother said we shouldn't have missed the "Crane Show", but still, we missed it after we came out from the Malaysian Food Street. Too bad.

My friend took us to walk back to the main island by crossing a pedestrian street. Great, cause we can enjoyed the beautiful night view around Sentosa Island. 

Within 10 minutes time, we had walked back to the main island. My friend's husband had waited for us in the shopping mall there. 

They were so kind to drive us back to our hotel at East Coast, which is quite far away from their house in Jurong, West Coast. 

On the way back, they took us for a joy ride in the Night Street. I was pretty surprised to see many sex-workers standing on the street to attract the customers. What surprised me the most is they are legal. Wow, I never knew prostitution is legal in Singapore. We heard that Singapore government is very strict, but then, this show 'strict' has quite a definition when it comes to certain social issues. 

We reached the hotel at around 11.30 pm. After shower, we all slept like dead pigs.


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