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Saturday, April 7, 2012

Breakfast @ Orchard Road

Before going off to Singapore, I told husband that I was craving for Kaya Toast, and I really meant it...

Unfortunately, brother need to work on that morning time, so we were on our own to settle our breakfast. We found this Ya Kun Kaya Toast somewhere near our hotel.

I really wanted to settle in here, but knowing my mom won't like to eat bread for breakfast, I gave up the idea. Instead, I asked husband to take away some kaya toast for me. Then, we continued to walk some distance to look for a place which sell foods that my mom will like to eat. 

We bumped into this Garrett popcorn shops. My friend told me that their popcorn tastes superb, made me kind of want to try it too. 

Vincent & William are popcorn fans. Vincent wanted to buy this popcorn as his 'souvenir' (William had chosen ice-cream). Too bad the shop wasn't open at that early time, but I'd promised Vincent we would come back later to buy it, and I did keep my promise. 

The taste of the popcorn is nice, but too sweet for me. Even Vincent & William couldn't stand its sweetness.

Along the way, we saw some real nice restaurants....

I feel that the setting of the restaurants here are generally better & cozy than in HK's, especially the space between tables. In HK, I just feel everywhere is too cramp. 

A Swiss bakery shop that sells freshly-made bread. All looks delicious to me.

The price is not cheap though, when we need to exchange S$ by 6 to HK$. Damn the depreciation of US$ in recent years !

Another good place for dining....

Charlie Brown Cafe is unique too...

Nothing too fancy, yet simple & nice.

Vincent and the chef.

End up, we settle here, in Bao Today.

As soon as we sat down, I ate my kaya toast. Although they use wheat bread instead of the traditional white bread, I was satisfied with its softness and the kaya aroma alright. 

To me, Bao Today offers nothing too special...we just ordered normal foods which suit the taste for everyone. Furthermore, not everything stated in their menu are available in the morning time. 

shrimp rice noddle.

vegie dumplings.

The Chinese burger as shown in the board behind is kind of interesting, too bad it wasn't available in the morning time.

The delux won-tan-mee.

This boy, he won't use his front teeth to cut the noddle in between although I've constantly reminded him to do so. 

Anyway, it's cute to see him suck the long noddle all to his mouth in one time...

Ok, done.

Another good place for dining along Orchard road.

Walking towards the bus station which is nearby our hotel.

Not too many people on the street yet, still early.

When I look things in detail, I can see that majority of the buildings in Singapore have their uniqueness. I really feel that HK has lagged behind when compared to Singapore. 

My brother had given us this card for taking the bus, so very thoughtful of him.

Waiting for the bus to come....

After waiting for 15 minutes, the express bus had finally came to our stop.

The bus ride is a good, as if we had taken a city sight-seeing tour bus...


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