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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Dinner at Seafront

We have killed some time in my brother's place, which is quite neat & clean, kind of out of my expectation, haha...

When the time was about 6pm, we then headed for dinner. Brother said the time was just right to see the sun set too. On the way, he also tell us the background of the things that we saw, really like a tour guide himself.

After 15-20 min driving, we stopped at this I-don't-know-what-it's-called place.

My brother said the golden sun light is very beautiful, made all of us look beautiful too, haha...

Seems like a very nice place, but there is not many people in here though.

Wow, when I saw this, I kind of love this place at 1st-sight lo....

Although the indoor seems very nice, we prefer to sit outdoor instead.

If this is in HK, I'm sure the queue will be super long no matter weekday or weekend..

The gentle breeze is so comforting, I love it.

Thanks bro, for taking us here. I don't think a normal tourist can find their way here for dinner.

The clouds in the sky has made us a very beautiful picture.

The cargo ships were parked so far away that they are negligible to the good view.

On our right is the restaurant selling Indonesian foods...

On the left side is the restaurant selling fusion foods, brother asked us to choose one...

Since we didn't want to eat too-spicy foods, we went to the left side.

This is such a good place to chill out.

The more I see this place, the more I like it.

Dining at a beautiful seafront like this is really not something we can do everyday.

Brother and KS was picking foods from the handsome menu, while I was busy with my own business.

Dining at this place is such a pleasure, we all felt very lighten with the good ambient here.

As years passed, I've started to put dining's environment on the very top priority. Sometimes, even above the foods itself. To me, many foods are more or less taste the same, what's count is the environment.

Hey boys, I hope you will remember this place. And I want you to remember it's your uncle who brought you here.

Sitting here, seeing the beautiful scene right in front had made me feel that I'm the happiest person in this world.

This place is quite near the Changi Airport, so it's quite often to get to see the plane soaring above us.

The moon couldn't wait for the sun to go down....

The color, the shape, so gorgeous.

I asked brother what's this place called? At first, he also forgot about the name. Then he googled it by using his iPhone, and said it's called National Servicemen Recreational Country Club (NSRCC). Oh, sounds like this is for the retired soldiers, something like that.

The beautiful city skyline in sun set. Too bad my telephoto lens can't zoom in any closer.

The light on the cargo ships were turned on at around 7pm.

The color changing in the sky was kind of fascinating to me.

My brother had ordered quite a lot of foods. The boys were so happy to see those foods and they refer this as super big meal.

For sure, there were a big pizza...

and a big dish of fish & chips, which is usually not in the boys' menu.

My request, ikan-billis fried rice. It's super delicious to eat with sambal-chilli.

We sat there to enjoy the foods, fresh air, sea breeze & night views till 8pm something. Of course brother was the big boss for the dinner. But husband told him he should adopt a 'give & take' principle when we go along together for the next couple of days. He just gave us a grin. This brother....


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