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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Aiguille du Midi, Again (Day1)

The plane landed at Milan Malpensar Airport at around 6.30 am.

As time pass, husband and I started to dislike long hour travelling, but not to the kids. They are perfectly fine with it. Sigh, guess this is one of the signs of aging.

Husband said maybe we should travel in the business class next time, let the kids sit alone in the economy class. I nodded in full agreement, just got to wait till they get old enough.

Milan Airport is no longer a stranger place to us, as we have been there just last summer. We walked straight to the car rental without looking here or there, and soon, we have got the car husband booked via internet before our departure.

This car (Wagon, Golf) is provided by car rental, called National Maggiore. Although it's manual geared, we felt that it's more superior than the Fiat we've got last year. Furthermore, husband got a better deal this time. So, happy we were.

At around 8 am, we drove to our first destination, Chamonix Mont-Blanc. Although we have visited this place just last year, we don't mind to go there for the 2nd time this year. This is because the place is like a heaven and it has so much to offer. We found that we simply didn't stay there long enough to explore its beauty last year.

Chamonix Mont-Blanc is just 2.5 hour driving distance from Milan. Although husband said he can manage that without any resting in between, I tried to keep myself awake to talk to him from time to time. But still, I fell asleep some distance later. Really too tired...

The boys has fell asleep at the back too. But when Vincent woke up, the 1st thing he said was : Oh, I remember this place, we have come here before. William too. I'm glad they still remember this place.

The boarder of France and Italy.

A lodge near the boarder. I like its exterior design & decoration.

Going to drive into the world famous Mont Blanc Tunnel. This year, we bought a return ticket.

To cut the story short, we were back to this beautiful place again at 12.30 noon. Based on the weather forecast, the day after tomorrow & tomorrow would not be very nice. Husband got to re-arrange the schedule a little bit so that we can get to see what we expect to see when the weather was fine.

Due to the fear of William might get the altitude sickness like he did last year, we took a mid-journey break at the Plan de I'Aiguille (2317 m). Hopefully, he would adjust well when we ascent the height in a gradual way.

After all these long hours travelling, we were tired. But the local time was not right for us to take a rest first, it would be a waste. So, we tried to make this trip to the peak as relax as possible.

With magnificent scenery, I would say this is one of the best outdoor cafe in the world. They serve very good sandwiches & hot drinks too.

The boys remember this place very well. They could even tell us the specific things they had done and seen here last year.

We had a simple lunch while admiring the beauty of the mountains. I started to feel myself bond well with the surrounding again.

The cable car that would take us to the peak later on.

After finishing up the foods, the boys so wanted to walk on the trail (Lac Blue) we took them to last year. Only when husband told them he would take them to a more astonishing place, they agreed to move on.

Anyway, we let them to play at the place for a while before we continue the journey.

Waiting for this cable car to take us up to the top.

Seriously, I like this place very much and I miss it. Guess the place has given me many good energy.

Awesome !!

Some people, they choose to go up the top by legs. Salute them.

It wasn't as cold as last time, so we could stand on the footbridge a bit longer to take some photos.

Still as good as it used to be...

As usual, the boys were thrilled to see all those snow. They couldn't wait to start their war already.

Just before we left, I saw these people walking up from far.

Husband and I have been discussing if we can do this some time in the future. We almost come to the sad conclusion that it's not very likely to do it lo. We are simply not very fit to take this kind of physical challenge anymore.

Hello, we are back. How have you been? (see previous entries Aiguille du Midi and La Bleu Trail)

Finally, we were here to take an exciting gondola ride to the wide open glaciers out there. We had missed this ride last year due to William's sickness. We didn't want to miss it this time...

I were totally excited for the journey we were about to start, from here....


Anonymous said...

I think you and your husband seem fit enough! I think you should take up the challenge! Never think you cannot hike because of age, that is what keeps you back! the more you move in old age, the better you'll feel.

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