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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Hotel Villa Luisa

I've almost neglected this batch of photos taken from our hotel in Rapallo, called Hotel Villa Luisa, which worth a mention here.

Since the hotel doesn't have a family suit to offer to the 4 of us, they gave 2 individual rooms to us with no extra charges. Furthermore, the hotel provided free parking lot for us. How generous of the owner.

Although the rooms are not too big, they are very homely.

I love the furniture & decoration, very classic, very Italian feels.

Son's room was just next door. Both of our rooms are connected with an interior door.

Feel very homely.

The small pavement at our front door.

The owner is an Italian man about our age. He told us the hotel was actually started by his father and he is slowly taking over the hotel from his dad now.

I can see that he is a very hard working man. Whenever we were in the hotel, be it in the early morning & late evening, he was there to greet us. Also, he seems to involve intensively in the hotel's daily chores. He even mixed the coffee for us & boiled the hot water to fill in son's cup noddles etc.

I'm not saying Italian ppl are not hardworking, but we hardly see any Italian ppl works so hard and humble like he did. For this, I really respect him.

Although the hotel is only rated as 3 stars (we heard that it's because of no internet connection & restaurant), the owner had provided a very pleasant accommodation which worth a lot more than this.

The open dining area is more than comfortable for us to sit there to take a long breakfast.

Other public area in the hotel is very lovely too, just like HOME. Too bad I didn't bring my camera along when I wandered in the hotel the other day.

They have also planted some orange trees in their front yard.

Some tables & chairs are put there casually for everyone's liking.

In summary, the hotel is simply a charming one. It got her own style, just like her owner.


My Family's Memoir said...

You really must make a video with all your holidays photos. Will be nice to watch them on the tv with music as background :)

jessylee said...

yes, good idea. Will do that one day...

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