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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Glacier des Bossons

After leaving the animal park, husband drove us to pay a visit to the glacier which we can see it almost everywhere in Chamonix.

One good thing about travelling in Chamonix is that all of the attraction places are not very far from one another. We can travel to one destination to another destination in 10-20 min, just great !

From the Bossons village, we need to take the chair lift to bring ourself up to 1400m to approach Bossons glacier. Gosh, again...

Anyway, this chair lift ride seems less dreadful for me. Furthermore, the cover on the chair make the ride an enjoyable one.

Glacier des Bossons as viewed from the chair lift.

The glacier is located just next to Aiguille du Mide.

Passing by a small village at foot hill.

Passing by a small forecast..

Finally we reached the station 15 min later.

The station or rather the hut, looks very old. Think it must be the 1st generation cable car system.

Though old, the chair lift does serve its purpose very well.

A simple but very nice sign board, even the kid can understand it well.

The Glacier des Bossons chalet is just 5 minutes’ walk from the arrival point of the chair lift.

Sons were very busy to look for their walking stick...

while I were very busy taking photos of those beautiful flowers...

This purple, I love it.

From the terrace, there is a fabulous view of the glacier’s terminal tongue and the ice-pinnacles of Plateau des Pyramides.

Husband said we would be having our lunch here. He was right, this place is so awesome.

Before we settled down in the chalet restaurant, we took a walk into the Exposition Point de Vue that will lead us to a closer point to view the glacier.

Since it was just a 5 minutes walk, no one object the idea.

Along the path, we got to see the exhibition in the form of a interpretative walk relates the glacier’s fascinating history. Every panel along the path presents a particular subject, such as the life of the glacier, the Little Ice Age, the evolution of the glacier, and so on...

Soon, we arrived at the viewing platform.

Glacier Bossons is in fact, much bigger than it seems in the photo.

That's how Glacier Bossons look like in 18-Aug-2011.

Following the rise of global warming, the melting rate is very fast that make the glacier shorter and shorter as time pass.

Looking at those fast flowing waterfall, I felt that I too, have the responsibility to preserve all those precious world herritage.

Aiguille du Midi, the most popular destination amongst the all.

A kind man had offered to take a family photo for us.

The boys had found the perfect stick for themselves, husband help them to smoothen the skin by using his swiss knife.

Before going down to the chalet restaurant, we made another detour to view the glacier at a very near distance.

Wild mushroom #1.

Wild mushroom #2.

The trees here are all very tall and green. Guess they can easily age more than 100 years old.

The 3 of them were quite obsessed with the stick they found, didn't pay much attention to the beautiful plants & trees around.

Not too long later, we reached the 2nd platform to get a real close-up look at the glacier.

So close that I felt like I could reach out my hands to touch it.

Glacier des Bossons is a classic example of the ice rivers decending the Alps. Also, it is one of the very few glaciers in the world which drop below the tree line.

Told the boys I'm gonna to teach them Kung-Fu one day (ahemmm...)

Ok, going down now....

There is no restaurant in HK that can offer such a good environment. Sigh.

From the place where we were sitting on, we could see the glacier in full length.

The chalets serve typical local foods, like omelette (again)...

sausage & chips, the boys never get tired of them.

furthermore, they could have their ice cream...

To them, this is for sure the best restaurant that serve best foods.

For some rare moments, they just sat there quietly and enjoyed the sweetness of the ice cream with all their heart. And I enjoyed the quietness too.

After lunch, we decent. The time was nearly 2.30 pm by then.

Ever since I watched the movie "Frozen", I couldn't help to pay attention to the poles along the line. Such an aftermath effect of the movie.

This is the lowest point of the chair lift from ground. If we ever gonna jumped for survival, this is the point.

Ok, another safe ride.

One last look at Glacier des Bossons. Bye.


Juju said...

I just couldn't say anything except you guys are really lucky :) The pictures are simply lovely.

jessylee said...

Thanks Juju.

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