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Sunday, August 21, 2011


We woke up at around 8am, thank God it's another beautiful sunning day.

After taking a refreshing breakfast in the hotel, we walked to the Rapallo train station. Husband said we better take the train followed by ferry than driving the car, cause it will be very difficult to find a parking lot in the towns we were about to go for that day. This was perfectly ok to us, especially the boys. To me, travelling by train is a kind of good experience too.

Rapallo station is just a 10-15 minutes walking distance from our hotel.

The train network is not intricate, basically just to transfer the passengers to-and-fro the towns line along the track, and the schedule is considered very frequent too.

We waited for about 5 min, there came our train.

Off we go...

Although the time was still early in the morning, it's pretty hot inside the train. And the train doesn't seem to have air conditioning system though.

As usual, the boys kept each other a "good company". As long as they don't disturb other ppl, we won't intervene.

The train had stopped by many small towns before we finally reached the transit town, called Monterosso. From here, we would take a ferry that sail us to our destination.

The time was nearly 10.30 am by then.

As soon as we get off the train, I could feel the heat wave already. I think the temperature was around 30C at that time.

Summer time in Italy, hot hot hot.

I heard that Italian ppl don't really go to work in summer time. Instead, they spend a lot of time lying at their beaches.

The colors are just strikingly beautiful.

I insisted William to put on his cap, to avoid sun burnt.

As Monterosso is not our destination, we didn't go down to the beach for a walk or something. We just walked to the pier straight away...

Didn't go to the town center for a walk either...

10 minutes later, we arrived at the pier.

The ferry was waiting there for embarking....


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