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Monday, August 22, 2011

Santa Margherita

We woke up in another hot sunny day. In fact, darn hot. Gosh...

One thing about the ferry boat, the windows can't be opened fully wide. So, the ventilation inside the boat is not very good under the hot sun. Unless we wanted to get ourselves roasted, we have no other choice but to remain seated inside.

Luckily, the journey hopped from one island to the other isn't very long, plus the good view along the shore, made the boat ride bearable.

Whose castle is that?

15 minutes later, our boat was approaching the 1st town in its route.

I have no idea what this town is called. But it sure looks very colorful and beautiful even from the far.

Needless to say, this must be one of the hottest tourist resorts.

Really very eye-catching.

Another castle on the sea. Looks like these places had been attacked by pirates very often in the past?

Our trip manager said we were not going to get off here, so we stayed.

Getting ourselves roasted for a while on the deck.

While the boat stopped at the harbor to let the passenger disembark, it's a good chance to take some photos from the deck.

Ok, now I know this town is called Santa Margherita.

Sons wanted to take this ride, we told them maybe later.

The boat sailed off when none wanted to disembark anymore.

Again, whose castle is that?


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