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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Le Paradis des Praz

Although the time was late when we get down from the mountain, we didn't just retire the day after this.

In order to please to boys, we decided to take them to a place where they would for sure, get CRAZY about it !

We couldn't drive straight to our destination, but got to stop our car before a golf course.

Then, we walked along this stream, like everyone else.

Paradis des Praz is an idyllic spot along a stream with an outdoor play area for kids both in summer and winter. In summer there are ponies, a sledge run, an aerial runway, a small lake for swimming etc. Another great thing is this place is free entry.

After 10 minutes walking, we found the kids' paradise, hidden in woods.

As expected, the boys were thrilled to see this playground, especially when husband didn't tell us much about the place in advance.

This place is quite safe, parents or guardian just need to sat back and relax, while keep an eyes on their kids.

We didn't prepare well, should have brought along the towels, extra shirts & pants for the kids.

We suggested that the boys should have removed their shirt, but they were too shy to do that. They said they felt very shy to look at the girls who bare their upper part.

It's a great pleasure to see the kids playing so freely in the land of nature...

Vincent tried canoeing, but wasn't very successful. He just hasn't been exposed to this sport game all by himself before.

Comparatively, this little girl paddled very effectively.

Husband and I were one of those parents who sat there dutifully waiting for their children to get tired.

Most kids like this big boat instead.

They were waiting for their turn to get the boat...

Ok, finally it's their turn to paddle...

quite clumsy at the beginning...

but getting better after some time.

While waiting, I had taken some time to check this place out.

There is a small restaurant that serves drinks and snacks.

A pony ride costs 3,50 euros for 10 minutes

Although they still wanted to paddle for some more time, they gave up the boat voluntary to the children who were waiting for their turn. Good boy.

Finally, William had got himself nearly soaking wet, and he asked him to get rid of it...

Well, the only way to get rid of it was to remove all his shirt & pants.

Worried they might catch the cold, we got to make them leave the place, with a promise that we would take them to this paradise on the next day.

The next day, we made a return, with towels & clothes & pants all ready.


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