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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Col De Balme

From Glacier des Bossons, we drove off to Col de Balme.

Col de Balme is a less popular mountain top, but husband said we should go up to check it out anyway. Furthermore, he said we should make full use of our 4-day Multi Pass that grant us unlimited ascent and descent the mountain by cable cars. After all, the multi pass is quite costly.

There are plenty parking lots available, that we didn't need to drive here & there to look for one. Good.

The queue to cable car was not long too, probably because it's a less popular ride. However, we saw many visitors were taking their bike along, so this must be a good place for mountain biking instead.

Whenever I saw the telecabin which we can sit on it, I would feel happy for we won't be sandwiched in a small enclosure.

William's lip was getting sensitive to the weather started from Day 3. Based on past experience, when he had it, it would be a major one. Sigh.

The intermediate station at mid way. From there, we need to continue the ascent by chair lift instead of telecabin. Gosh, chair lift again, I felt nervous when I get to know about it.

OMG, this one looks freaking terrifying to me.

But to the boys, they just love chair lift. No matter big one small one, they love them all.

I bet things will be so different if they have ever watched "Frozen".

Problem was, my worries increased, especially when I saw most of the chair lifts were not occupied. And when the wind blew, it just freaked me out.

Felt like ages long, finally we got up there, with everyone & everything kept intact.

This trail is definitely easy to anyone age between 3-80.

Compare to others, the view from here is less spectacular too. After walking for 5 minutes, we have loss our interest and decided to turn back.

After walking for 5 minutes, we have loss our interest and decided to turn back.

On the ride back, the chair lift had stopped for twice, with the latter stop last for more than 2 minutes. To be honest, that's really freaking me out.

While hanging still in the air, I just wished I had never watched "Frozen" all my life before.


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