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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Hiking - Lac Blanc to La Flegere

After all those sweats walking to here, I find that White Lake doesn't appear as white at all.

I wonder why it is called white lake then? Is it because in winter time, with snow covering all over the places, the lake will appear in white? Yes, must be it. Brilliant (cough cough).

Whatever color the lake is, it doesn't matter. We love it as what it is.

Out of a sudden, Vincent show me the little bottle we have bought for him in Switzerland last year, said he had put some lake water in it to take home. He must have planned this before departure. For this, I was pretty impressed.

William wasn't that well prepared. He usually come with empty hands, but return with little-heavy thingy.

From this place, I'm sure he gonna take home some stones. Well, I was very right.

Before indulging ourselves, the captain said we should walked a bit further to the upper lake for a look. Since we were not particular hungry at that time, we complied.

Walking across this stone-bridge is very fun. None of us get our shoes wet.

Walking towards the upper lake at the other side.

Looking back for the awesome scene...

The lake itself is a place of outstanding beauty, with ever changing colours and textures depending on the time of year. The lake remains frozen, or semi-frozen, well into the summer season and offers one of the finest views over the Mont Blanc massif.

This alpine lake is located in the mid mountain at the heart of the Aiguille Rouges. From here, we can see the entire Mont Blanc Massif as if its framed in front of us.

We walked a bit further and finally get to see the entire lake in its most beautiful condition.

The water is crystal clear, absolutely zero pollution.

This place is such a nice natural playground for the kids. Boys or girls, they seem to enjoy themselves very much though they were not paying particular attention to the beautiful scenes.

This place has so much details that only God can create it...

We walked further away from the main lake.

5 minutes later, we reached the upper lake, which the size is smaller than previous one.

We sat in the shade and watched the boys practicing their stone-throwing skill. We didn't bother to stop them cause other small boys from other countries were doing the exact same things like them.

20 minutes later, we called them to make a u-turn.

We would head back to the main lake and settle ourselves in the chalet over there.

This appear in every postcards introducing Lac Blanc.

The sun had gradually moved away from upright, so it's getting perfect for photo shooting.

We walked back by using the same route.

The beautiful flowers I spotted on the way back. It's the only flower I get to see here.

The water is chilling-cold even in the hottest summer time, and it cleaned my mind dipping my hands in it.

I like this photo, for it consists of 4-horizon layers, sky-mountain-land-water.

We will walk back to La Flegere after lunch (1 hr 10 min).

The smaller chalet that next to the bigger chalet we were going to.

I have no idea what's that mean? Guess this is the name of the chalet.

Although the sun was shinny bright till our eyes couldn't open wide, it's not hot at all to expose ourselves like this. Anyway, husband prefer to sit indoor to avoid sun burnt.

After 10 minutes waiting, the waitress still hasn't come to take our order. Then, we decided to move to indoor in order to converse more energy.

None was in there, but us, but it's nice to have none to bother.

We thought we had ordered a giant burger (cost nearly € 18) , but obviously we had misunderstood the menu. It's more like a cheese-ham-salad, totally not our plate of food.

The mushroom omelette, cost nearly € 9. Bloody expensive!

When husband wanted to refill our empty bottles, we were asked to take the water right from the lake. They said they did the same thing too. So, we get to know the lake's water is safe to be drink.

After resting in the chalet for about an hour, we started to walk back.

For the descent, instead of returning to I'Index, we took the path leading directly to La Flegere cable car station.

In order to motivate the kids to walk faster, husband said he would take them for another chair lift ride to up-and-down again when we reached the station later. The boys welcome this proposal, except me.

The path winds down the mountainside affording spectacular views at both side as well.

as if William was going to walk right to the Mer du Glacier....

Hushand said if the weather was good, we would hike to that glacier 2 days later. Actually, we suppose to go for that route last year. But due to William's condition, we had to give it up. So, I was really looking forward to walk on the trail this time.

as if those people were came from the glacier...

From here, we need to go down a very steep hill...

I look down, it doesn't seem a very long distance to me. But not exactly. In fact, I took quite a long time to descent to the relatively flat surface downs there.

It's very true that descending a steep hill is more difficult than ascending. I felt that I need to watch my steps more carefully when descending.

I really need to take a break and catch some good breathe when I reached down.

When I felt better, they have walked far ahead already. From time to time, I heard William's voice, pushing me to walk faster.

Looking up to where I have just descended from.

The steepness is about 45 deg, no wonder it's difficult.

Slowly, I had catched up. Husband said they had taken several short breaks to wait for me already.

Our distances from one another...

Saw a tall monument type of object.

Some one piled up the rocks so tall so stable that it deserves a tag on it?

We continue to walk down...

Looking back...

This stretch is a relaxing part, I enjoyed the good views while walking.

As fast forwarding, we had walked down another steep hill, before we entered a comfort zone again.

At certain parts, William had walked so fast that he was no way to be seen. I was kind of worried if he fell down or what. But he was doing very ok if compared to me. I guess this is because he so wanted to take the chairlift ride again.

Ok, could see La Flegere cable car station from here. Yes, we almost reached the end point by now.

There William, playing the stones while waiting for us. When he finally saw me, he asked why it had taken me such a long time to come here?

After a short break, we then continue the last part of walking. The boys were sort of running down instead of walking. We had completed this way of trip in 1 hr 40 min.

Yes, you are the No.1

As promised, we took them for another chairlift ride, up-and-down, none stopping.

At first, I thought of just letting the 3 of them to take the ride. But quickly, I changed my mind. If anything unwanted happen, I want to be there with them, but not staying here in the safe zone, alone. Thinking of that had made me feel stronger.

Thank God for another safe ride.


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