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Saturday, April 7, 2012

Singapore Zoo - Part 2

Like I said before, we can get to see the animals so much better by walking than sitting in the tram....

See...I won't get to snap those nice pictures when the tram carried me.

Furthermore, I really like the habitat in the zoo, so natural. Those animals are the most fortunate one in this world.

Some more, they look so friendly to one another. 

I really hesitated should I keep this photo for myself or post it in the blog? (cause I look a bit sexy here) But heck, I like to have that 2 lions as backdrop so much that I finally put it here.

Giraffe is one of my favorite animals, for no specific reasons. 

It's perfectly nice to get to see the animals from this distance. 

The invisible boundary of two different world. 

Just finished his muddy-bath.

Another shy animal that refuse eye contact with human. 

The animals in the zoo all look very clean, absolutely Singapore's spirit. 

They must be a couple. 

A handsome ape.

See any resemblance between these 2 boys and the ape in the above picture?

As usual, Vincent is more willing to touch the creepy creatures than the rest of us.

Almost miss the walking stick...

Hi again.

It has such an old man's face.

When the queen was on a walk, one just got to give way, ok.

Mr Dracula at daytime.

The biggest flower in the world..

A butterfly had landed on Vincent's sleeves, he was so flattered and happy about it.

They had reminded me of those poor little mouse I have cut when I was in my F6 biology class. Sorry...

He had spotted something out there...

a cheetah it is.

A giraffe's skull that look like a sea shell to me at first glance.

Feeling tired...me too.

Just when we have settled down with our foods, the sky started to pour real hard on us.

In fact, it's a thunderstorm.

We have waited for more than 30 minutes, but the rain has no sign of stopping any sooner.

Yes, boring...

What could we do but waiting?


tasy said...

You're sexy and you know it! Phweet!!

Jessy Lee said...

Wow, thanks for your kind words, Tasy.

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