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Thursday, August 16, 2012

Day 1 & 2 - Hotel Splendid

After travelling a very long distance, finally we checked in this hotel with our exhausted body. 

Husband booked this hotel at the very last minute when we had decided to fly off to Italy a day earlier. He seemed very satisfied with the deal, said the price worth it for it's a 4-star hotel. 

The hotel is situated in Baveno, just 7-8 minutes driving distance from Stresa. 

When we opened the door, we were truly awed by the decoration inside the room. 

William has blended his presence well with the room. 

This is a wonderful hotel, the room is spacious, well decorated and very comfortable. 

I like this little corner very much...maybe I will set up a corner like this at our home one day in the future.

Our room is at the 1st level. Should we were given a room at the higher level, we will be able to overlooking the beautiful lake in whole. 

Every room is opened to balcony. That's ours.

As soon as sons found out the hotel's swimming pool is just located outside of our room, they went there for a dip.

They said the water was quite cold, but luckily the sun was fierce enough. So, they could hang on there so a long time.

Seeing there is no potential danger to leave the boys alone in the pool, I walked back to the room.

While the boys were still swimming over the other side, husband and I spent some peaceful moment sitting at the balcony.

From time to time, William would run back to the balcony and report little something to me...

Then, he would run back to the swimming pool...

Husband pointed to that side and told me that the hotel owns a private beach. He said we should go there for a walk when the boys came back later. 

The boys had hang around the pool for a very time, that we thought might as well took away some foods to the room instead of going out for early dinner. Husband then drove out to look for foods, and some time later, he brought back some MD burger and fried rice, which was very welcome by the boys.  

Although feeling dead tired, the sky was simply too bright for us to go to sleep. After all, it was just 4 pm something. So, we went out to the lake side for a walk....

If not because of the bright hot sun, I'm sure this place would be taken.

The swings in shade are very popular though.

To couple, this place is romantic. But to kids, this place is a playground. 

I like this swing, I can sit here to enjoy the view for a long time. To me, this place is fabulous. 

Even after the boys had ran away, husband and I still hang on to this place for quite a while.

The lake view is more beautiful and panorama than my camera can capture. 

The boys had disappeared for 10 minutes without coming back, so it's time to go to look for them instead.

Found them playing sand on the beach. 

There seems to be no potential danger about this place, so husband and I just let the boys continue to play on the beach and we walked a bit further to the end side.

It's my fisrt time to see human, wild swans & dog enjoying the water at the same time. 

Finally, sons had finished their business and came to look for us.

I asked the boys if they want to play water downs there with the swans, they said NO. Guess they felt threaten to go near to those big ducks.

After 40 minutes, we walked the same path back to the hotel. On the way, William saw this little girl playing see-saw without partner. So, he went to sit on that side and they played in a bizarre silent mode for quite some time. 

The hotel as seen from the lake front.

The sun is still too hot and glaring. We just sat there to took a photo, then left. 

The other side of the lake....

Facing that side of the beach is the hotel's restaurant, logically the charges is not going to be cheap.

He only lied there for a very short time, kid.

Husband asked if they want to go into the water, the answer was NO too. They have too much worries, like the water is too deep, too cold, salty, or even sea monster somewhere out there. 

Well, I could laze there for a long time if no one come to disturb me.

Forever, they like to throw stones into the water.

The outdoor bar & lounge seems like a nice place to hang out with friends & family.

Although the day was still early, we were too tired to go on, so we went back to the hotel room and slept at 7 pm something...As mentioned before, we woke up very early in the morning. As soon as the sun rise, we went out to look for foods. 

The outside is peace and calm. 

After coming back from Stresa, the boys went to the pool again. Husband & I didn't join them, we walked to the garden instead. 

We just sat there and chat casually. 

At around 11 am, we need to get ready for checking out. So, we went to the pool side to make the boys left.

On the way to pool, we stopped by the main lobby to take some photos...

The setting of a 4-star hotel.

Everything is so detail and nicely decorated, no kidding one.

The indoor bar / lounge. There wasn't anybody there, so I felt free to pretend I was having a drink there. 

Finally, the boys have showed themselves and we were ready to check out then. But we still need to wait for this boy to finish his bread leisurely before we could go. 

Going on vacation with kids is like this...just got to be patient and gave them enough time, or there will be a lot of argument and piss-off time. 

Before leaving, it's our turn to ask the boys to go out there to take some family photo.

Actually, the main objective was to take a family photo in the private garden.

When we said we really need to go, William was not very happy cause he still thought of going to the beach for some play. 

We like Hotel Splendid very much. If we ever go to this place again in the future, we would sure check in here.


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