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Monday, August 20, 2012

Day 5 - Gruyeres Town

After leaving the cheese factory, we drove straight to the nearby Gruyeres town, which is just 10 minutes driving distance away.

Gruyeres is a town located in the Canton of Fribourg. The town is an important tourist attraction in the upper valley of the Saane River, and gives its name to the well-know cheese. The entire village of Gruyeres is part of the Inventory of Swiss Heritage Sites. 

The only vehicle that is allowed to run in the town is a trackless train. All of the others will have to be parked outside the town, which I think is good idea.

Before marching into the town, we got to give the boys some time to finish their business again....

This time, it's about feeding the sheep. Those sheep are really give face to the boys, for eating the grasses that they can found everywhere in the place.

The sheep smell stinks, yet the boys kept patting their head like nothing. So, I got to make them washed their hands the first thing after they have done with their business.

Ok, finally they were ready to go.

I made them posed in front of the entrance to the town before we entered....

Then, we walked in to the town at last.

Soon, I was awed by the beautiful scene popped right in front of my eyes....it's so like the town in a fairy tale.

I simply grabbed a man and asked him to take a family photo for us, with the fairy tale town as backdrop. Obviously, he had failed me.

Feeling a bit disappointed, I could only rely on husband to make a right shot for us.

I have to say that this is the most beautiful town I have ever visited in Switzerland.

Husband said we would take our lunch in one of these restaurant here, but we got to walk around the town first. Fine to me.


I like this fountain, for it's simplicity.

Husband like the arch at his back though, wonder why?

There are many shops and restaurants along the main street, enough to keep us occupied for 2-3 hours.

We followed our nose to whatever shops that took our interest. But we didn't buy many things except a wooded Swiss cow. This is all because their sold items are very pricey to us.

Anyway, the price of the Swiss Amy Knife is quite consistent though. They have become the boys must-check item whenever they entered a shop.

Nope, not the time for lunch yet.

I like those hang-out. They added layers to the surroundings.

This shop is the most beautiful among the others...

It has a beautiful private garden at its back yard too..

From the back yard, we can see the remaining of the fortifications. Awesome !

Ok, we were back to the main street again...

Some of the houses along the street.

Looking back to where we have just been.

The time was nearly 12 noon, we have decided to walk a little bit further before settling down for lunch.

One of the churches in town. There is nothing too special in there.

Angry bird pose.

He said this pose is so cool...well, whatever.

I like the tree cut-out that was stick on the wall there. But I think it must be very pricey, so we didn't bother to check it out.

A very beautiful door...

In fact, the whole house is very elegant.

House dite de Chalamala at Rue du Bourg 47, listed as Swiss Heritage Site of national significance.

From here, we walked uphill....

Le Chalet is one of the most popular restaurants in the town, specializing in any dish that can be made with the region's most famous product - cheese. 

Built in 1700s, Le Chalet has become a traditional restaurant since the early of 20th century. It counts former U.S. President Jimmy Carter as one of its patrons. 

The wall is like fish scales, one of the uniqueness of Swiss architecture.

This way will lead us to the Gruyeres Castle.

Museum H.R. Giger is a bizarre one for the displays inside there are something extra ordinary, out of one's imagination.

The Swiss artist, H.R.Giger, who is best known for creating the creatures in the Oscar winning movie "Alien", has bought over the Chateau St. Germain and converted it into his own gallery just outside the Gruyeres Castle in year 1998.

The gallery is such a big contrast with the medieval town that make things seem surreal when we have to walk through the gallery to gain access to the castle. 

Pretty amazing....

That's how the place looks like when 800-year old regional history and culture meet with Oscar winning Aliens.

And that's how the picture looks like when added 2 modern kids in it.

Some more, I bumped into a dog who is bigger than me. What a scene....

The boys wanted to go into the museum to see the biggest existing collection of H.R.Giger works, including the futuristic paintings, sculptures, furnishings  and film sets. But the high price had put us off. 

Surely, the boys are not happy about it. But husband and I are not so dying to see those erotic aliens, so this is really not the kind of place worth paying for. 

Although not so happy, we have kind of settled with them when we reminded them that we need to visit a chocolate factory after this. Furthermore, they need to know about their parents values, what's worth the money, and what's not.

What is this? Hybrid of alien and human?

When Vincent is caught up with his wild imagination, he'll become a very interesting object to see...

and he can influence his little brother who is more a grounded-person in joining him.

No matter how big they are, they will remain my little princes forever.

A newly open Tibetan Museum was located just next door of  the alien museum.

Instead of asking some one to take a photo for us, I set a camera this time.

And I've got 2 nice shot. 

Gruyeres Castle is the major tourist attraction in this town. The castle, built in 13th century, was home to the many Counts of Gruyeres until the last Count was declared bankrupt. 

In 1938, the State of Fribourg bought and turned the Castle into a museum to depict 800 years of regional architecture, history and culture. 

William was happy to find a thing that he could ride on.

The castle sits high on a hill, with beautiful views of the valley and surrounding towns, well worth seeing. 

Church of Gruyeres as viewed from the hill top.

Since we were running short of time, we decided not to go into the museum. After all, the ticket is not cheap. 

After a while, we descending the hill.

and went back to the town.

Seeing the town in a reverse direction....

Till then, I would say Gruyeres is definitely worth a visit, for its charm. 

Ok, let's go to lunch now. 

Our desired lunch time was obviously many people's desired lunch time too. Every table was taken by then, sigh....

We have walked up and down several times, finally we have got a table for 4.  

As usual, we need to wait quite some time for the waitress to come to take our orders. Luckily the boys have their toys to play with. 

We couldn't read their menu, but it seems that the restaurants here are specialized in over priced cheese fondue and raclette. 

When the price is not cheap, we could only choose the safe dish....like this plate of macaroni. There wasn't anything inside but a Swiss flag. 

Also, rosti which is pan fried potato. It's our all time favorite.

We have also ordered a pizza, but husband had forgotten to take its photo while I went to the washroom. 

A simple meal like this has cost us HK$500 already. Man, Switzerland is really a bloody expensive country to live in. 

Since we still have places to go, we got to leave the town soon after the lunch. 

But we still need to give some time to the boys to let them finished their unfinished business, cause they said this is the best part of visiting this town. 


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