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Saturday, August 18, 2012

Day 3 - Lake Oeschinen

Finally, we were in the Switzerland territory now....

In the car, husband told us we were going to take a short cut to our destination, and this short cut is not ordinary short cut. Sounds exciting...that's woke us up.

Kanderstag train station

As the sign board shown, we were going to take a car transport train. It's the shortest and fastest way commute Bernese Oberland and Valais in just 15 minutes.

After we bought the tickets, we drove our car to the carrier and lined up. When the train first moved on, we still stood outside our car. But as soon as it enter the tunnel, the complete darkness and the loud noise and the wind had scared the hell out of us. We escaped into the car immediately, then felt we were back to life again.

Standing outside the vehicle while the train is running in the tunnel is really a stupid thing to do, but it's fun to experience all this.


Soon, we had crossed the tunnel and reached the other side.

A typical Swiss town-church.

Swiss houses are very different from Italy houses. Most of the Italian houses are made of bricks, and painted in striking colors, while Most of the Swiss houses are made of woods, of half brick (at the bottom) and half woods (at the upper).

The sky was absolutely clear at that afternoon time, very hot too. Since we would do a short hiking later on, the hot weather had bothered me a little bit...

Before going up to the mountain, we drove around to check if there is any suitable restaurant that we could hop in for a simple lunch.

We only found some local restaurant around. Anyway, since we were not hungry, we didn't stop over.

Then, we drove straight to the cable car's station.

I really have no idea what it said.

The rocks mountains around this region are very unique.

Taking a gondola lift from Kandersteg to our destination of the day, Lake Oeschinen.

The gondola slowly whisked us up the mountain...

Sitting in the gondola, the view we could see is 360 panorama.

When the kiddos saw this sledge field, they begged us to take them there later. I didn't say yes nor no, just hope they would forget about it after some time.

Not too long later, we reached the stop at the hill.

Husband said from here, we would need to walk about 30 minutes to a beautiful lake. Ok, 30 minutes sounds easy peasy.

The hiking trail is surrounded by those imposing mountains...astonishing beautiful.

I think this massive looks like a camel.

There are many hiking trails around. We picked the easiest one. Hopefully,this trail won't stress husband's knees which is already in pain after a badminton tournament.

Too hot to expose oneself at here.

Swiss's flag is one of the easiests to be remembered, after Japan's.

As usual, husband would look back and pushed us to catch up with him.

The sun light is so bright and even that I could take any pictures without adjusting my camera's setting.

He looks like a little Japanaese soldier.

Probably asked the people not to climb up, I think.

Cows eating grass along the trail, and generating music with the bells hanging on their neck.

Most of the snows has been melted, just a little bit was left.

The alpine trees probably had taken a hundred years time to grow up that tall.

How short we are in this nature.

Only in landscape, we look less short.

We didn't stop at all, just keep walking. That's because 95% of the sun, we need to walk under the hot sun.

We walked and we walked....

and we walked, and we walked.....

In less than 30 minutes time, we saw the lake in front of us.

Swiss cow as our back drop.

Hello, don't you feel hot?

The deep-blue Oechinensee lies cradled between glaciers and ancient woods of pines.

Since 2007, the lake is part of the Jungfrau-Aletsch-Bietschhorn UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The lake is too big to be capture in one shot at this latitude.

There are many beautiful wood crafting around the lake area.

Turquoise water of the mesmerising Lake Oeschinen.

All of the shade area was taken, so we got to walk along the lake to look for a shade for ourselves.

This one was crafted in so detail, awesome.

Colors of the lake.

Ok, finally we have found a shade area where we could sat there and rest for a while.

Ever since Vincent had found a nice wood-stick at the lake side, William wanted to get a good one for himself too. So, husband got to help him a little bit here.

His wood-stick.

Walking to the other end of the lake...

This end is more open.

Seeing people rowing a boat in the lake had prompted us to do so too. The kids were thrilled about it....

However, the owner of the boat rental asked us to wait for our turn cause the business was too good. So, we waited patiently.

While waiting, it's a dilemma for me either to walk up there or just stay where we were. 

Then, I thought what's so big deal? So I walked up a little bit to take a quick look. 

After waiting for 15 minutes or so, finally it's our turn. We rented a boat for 30 minutes, thought it would be enough for us. 

Well, rowing is certainly a man's job...

Luckily these 2 kiddos are very happy to help, save husband.

When there are 2 rowers, co-operation is all they need. We are happy to hear them counting 1-2-3-row and move the boat to the direction husband directed them to go. 

Anyway, William's strength is not equal to his brother, so husband got to help me from time to time.

I just sat there, relaxed and taking photos. At the same time, I would checked the watch, made sure we won't be late to return the boat. From here, we got to row back to the pier.

On the way back to the pier, they wanted to try rowing the boat all by themselves. Well, why not?

10 minutes before due, we were still quite a distance from the pier. Husband got to take over the role quickly, then we realized how far we have rowed away from the pier just now. 

Almost at the last minute, we managed to row back & return the boat without having to pay penalty for OT.

We warned them not to throw small stones into the lake, so they throw small stones to this bigger stone instead. Sigh. 

Wanted to take some refreshment here before we left, but all the good place, I meant "shade" was taken.

The big umbrellas couldn't provide a shade area, so we gave up. 

One last look to this beautiful lake. 

Husband's knee was quite painful by then, so we decided to take this shuttle bus instead of walking back. 

Those pigs are funny. 

Descending the mountain by taking the same gondola. Luckily we have some biscuit to shut their mouth up. 

Back to the valley at around 4 pm, and I felt very tired already....


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