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Thursday, August 23, 2012

Day 7 & 8 - Hotel Eggishorn

The last hotel that we would check in is located on a mountain top. We have never stayed up that high before, so I was kind of looking forward to it.

Since we couldn't drive our car to the hotel, we got to leave it at the parking lot in front of the Fiesch gondola's station. 

While waiting for the gondola, I saw a super huge crystal rock put in the display window.

Looking at it had given me a fantasy that I would find some big crystal somewhere here. Too bad it never happen, and so my fantasy had remained my wishful thinking.

The hotel is just a ride away from the village center of Fiesch. So, it make sense that the gondola is a big one to fit the guest's luggage on board.

10 minutes later, we were up there. There are only 3 hotels at the top, this is Hotel #1.

Hotel #2 is our hotel, called Hotel Eggishorn. It's only 100m away from the Fiescheralp cable car, which is super convenient for the visitors.

The grey-white hotel at the far end is Hotel #3.

Hotel Eggishorn is located on the ski slopes, at 2222 m above sea level. Cool....

The reception area, no one was there to greet us. Husband got to search high and low for some one to check us in.

While waiting.....

I looked around the reception area and took some photos here....

The wood crafting, I like it....

15 minutes later, we got the room's key and check in finally.  

The room is a duplex one, feel very homely. 

What we like the most is the fantastic view of the mountains out there...so majestic. 

The room condition is very satisfactory, plus the super nice view, we have no complaint at all. 

The upper floor, facing the panorama view as well...

Without a fight, Vincent took this bed.

And William took this bed happily....

All rooms in Hotel Eggishorn have a private balcony, facing the magnificent mountain massive.

Vincent was not so into the beautiful view in front of him, he was too occupied in beautifying his stick with the Swiss army knife which we have bought to him. 

I stood at the balcony to enjoy some breeze air on my face, thinking how fortunate we were to land on this heavenly place. 

Everything is so peaceful and in their perfect position up there. However, I once heard that the suicide rate in Switzerland is quite high, some said the life here is too boring....If this is true, then they should have traveled to the other places and compared things for themselves, to know how blessed they are. 

The cable car station is just on the right side.

Our neighbour hotel.

Cows was munching grass on the other side. 

After resting a while in the room, we took a short walk around the area.

The peak of Eggishorn. In winter time, this is a ski paradise.

Since the boys were not so enthusiastic to go up to the peak, we didn't go though it's so near to us.

Both of them rather played around the neighborhood which they said is fun.

There are quite some hiking trails right in front, but we had had enough for the day already. 

Maybe tomorrow...we would go.

How nice to own a house like this on top of the mountain, wonder how much does it take? 

Beer's area.

From here, we walked back to our hotel. 

The other side of our hotel. 

I have no idea what's on the menu board.

The hotel's restaurant is a place worth spending some time there.... 

Due to low season, there wasn't too many guests here. Including the 4 of us, there were only around 8 person here. 

There are several different sections of the restaurant that I like very much. 

The ambient is very nice, warm and dry. 

Feel like the whole restaurant is ours, great. 

From the window, we could see this fantastic mountain view too.

The time was around 6.30 pm by then, we decided to take our dinner here. 

While waiting for the foods to come, I sat here to check my mailbox and work a little bit. 

As usual, foods won't come very fast, so we really got to wait.

The leather cover of the menu book, very classic. 

The smoke salmon spaghetti, very delicious. 

Again, rosti was ordered. By then, we all love this dish so much already. 

Although fish is not so popular in Swiss, we found fish fingers + chips in their menu. The kids love it.

Having dinner in this restaurant is simply pleasant and enjoyable. 


My Family's Memoir said...

Beautiful scenery and nice photos. Indeed you and your family are lucky to have experienced this kind of holiday :)

Jessy Lee said...

Yes indeed. For this, I want to thank my hubby whose job has given us all these travel benefits.

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