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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Milan Again

Finally, the day that we have long for has arrived. 

Just when I started to pack on that afternoon, husband called me from his office, said a typhoon was approaching and it may hit HK directly on the night of our departure. After a very quick discussion, we decided to leave HK a day earlier for we really didn't want to take the risk of flight-being-cancel. 

Then, husband made some long distance calls to make quick arrangement while I packed everything into the luggage in super fast speed. As for the boys, they were absolutely happy for this unexpected news.

10 hours later, we were sitting in the waiting hall, ready to fly off to Milan. We were so lucky that we could still get 4 confirmed seats at this very last minutes. At 1am midnight, the plane took off smoothly.

12 hours later, here we are, in the Milan Airport. Sons can still remember this place very well, for this is their 3rd visitation to this airport, in 3 consecutive years.

After getting our rented car from Europcar, husband drove for around 1 hour to our 1st destination, an Italian lake-town, Stresa.

While waiting for the boat to come, we had taken a light breakfast at a local shop nearby the pier.

They said this pizza-like pastry tastes fantastic. For me, I didn't have any appetite after a long flight, but I ordered a freshly-bake croissant anyway.  

The pastry is quite a big one, but they could finish it with no problem. Bet they are hungry. 

I miss those beautiful trees along the lake, and of course, the lake too....


My Family's Memoir said...

Your kids are the luckiest of all :)

Jessy Lee said...

Yeah, they are the lucky one, hope they appreciate it deep inside their young heart.

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