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Friday, August 24, 2012

Day 8 - On the way to Bettmeralp

We have blessed with 7 beautiful sunny days thus far, the question was would we be so lucky to get another good weather day? 

From the weather forecast, it said that rain would start to pour in the afternoon time. We could only pray that the time was enough for us to complete the journey for the day. Then, everything would be absolutely perfect.

After breakfast in the hotel, we went straight to the nearby cable car station, wanted to take the 9am ride. Since the cable car will only come in every 30 minutes, we got to make sure we won't miss it or we would need to wait for another 30 minutes for the next to come.

This day, we were going to hike along the Great Aletsch Glacier, the biggest glacier in Europe.

Same like before, the cable car had brought us down to Fiesch village in less than 10 minutes time. From here, we would need to go to the train station.

In order not to waste any time, I've asked a local woman to confirm the right direction that we should walk to....so, we were on the right track all along.

A typical Swiss village.

This wooden house was merely supported by some 'mushroom-nail'. I have no idea why it was constructed this way? Maybe to minimize the vibration?

Here, they plant apple tree in their front yard. Back home, we plant mango tree. Basically, it's the same philosophy of lifestyle.

When autumn comes, this place will become colorful in 4 colors, must be very beautiful scene it is. I wish we can visit Switzerland again some time in the future, in autumn.

10 minutes later, we reached the train station. We would need to travel by train for a short distance to another small village, called Betten.

The last stop of this Matterhorn Gotthard Bahn is Zermatt-Mattehorn. If time was permissible, I wish I could visit Matterhorn again.

From Betten Talstation, this aerial cable car would carry us up to Bettmeralp, a village and ski resort in the Swiss canton of Valais,1957 m above sea level.

This area is part of the Jungfrau-Aletsch UNESCO Heritage Site. The holiday resorts of Belalp, Riederalp, Bettmeralp & Fiescheralp are all located in this attractive hiking area characterized by the Aletsch Glacier, the biggest glacier in Europe.

Bettmeralp as seen from the cable car, and the unspoiled mountain landscape 2000 meters above sea level. Up here, the air is pure and fresh.

There seems to be many places one can explore up here. Same like most of the tourists, our aim was walking towards the Aletsch Glacier.

Bettmeralp is a car free village, a family-friendly summer & winter holiday resort boasts almost 300 sunny days a year.

Initially, husband wanted to book a hotel here in Bettmeralp, instead of Fieschealp. But since Fieschealp is more economical, so he end up choosing Fieschealp. To me, both mountain top villages have their good points & charm, so it really doesn't matter.

This place has been awarded the 'Families Welcome' quality certificate. Even the hiking trails have been designed with small children in mind, where pushchair-friendly hiking trails are part of what's on offer.

There are quite some chalets along the road side, all look cool to me.

A small village church that will be visited only when in need, I think.

I heard that day was the last day of summer holiday in Switzerland (probably the whole Europe too), guess that's why the place was not flooded with people, which is good for us.

Since this would be our last day in Switzerland, I started to appreciate for its fresh air & pleasant environment more than before. 

The sun was still shining bright above us, I just wish this could last for the whole day.

Passing by another hotel...a small size 4-star hotel. 

Beautiful purple had never failed to capture my attention, I actually stood here and looked at it for a few seconds long. 

A 100% wooden house. I wonder if wood is cheaper than brick in Switzerland?

I think this place is a very nice place for a child to grow up, William nodded his head in agreement too. 

Husband pointed to the lift chairs and asked if we would like to take a return ride before we start the hiking. Worried the weather may turned bad later in the afternoon, we had decided to skip it at last. 

Looking back to the way we have been through, the scene is awesome, especially the snow mountain. 

15 minutes later, we have reached Bettmeralp cable car station. The time was around 11 am. 

Soon, we were in the air again.... 

Every time when the cable car takes off from its base, I will pray inside for a safe ride. 

After travelling for 7 days, William started to show some sign of tiredness. Vincent the same too.  

Luckily husband's knee wasn't that pain anymore, so we could go on this trip as per scheduled.  

I guess this is Lake Bettmeralp.

The other cable car line which go to other attraction. 

Almost reached the top....

As we elevated to a higher altitude, we get to see a different world then. 

Ok, we were at the top now.

If  we have plenty of time on that day, for sure we would spent time sitting here to blend well with the surrounding.

Too bad this starting point wasn't our finishing point for the day, so we won't be coming back after the hiking trip. Well that's life, things won't always go to the way I wish it to be. 


My Family's Memoir said...

This place is just too good :) Lucky you...

Jessy Lee said...

Yeah, we always feel very grateful for all this.

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