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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Day 6 - Blausee

After taking a simple lunch in the hotel, we rested for a while. Then, we were out again....this time to a lake which is very nearby our hotel, about 20 min driving distance. 

The lake is located in a Kander valley, near the river Kander. Administratively, it belongs to the Bernese Oberland. 

I didn't have high expectation about this lake that we were going to. I used to think only the lake which is hiden in the isolated snow mountain would be breath taking. 

Soon after we bent from here, there is a parking lot at road side, for the tourists usage. 

From the parking lot, we walked through this forecast on a nice tar road.

There are many giant rocks along the road which is pretty amazing though.

5 minutes later, my heart beat in excitement when I saw this blue lake. 

Located in the midst of a 20 hectare nature park with a landscape formed by a rock slide that led to the creation of the lake, Blausee (Lake Blue) is one of the best-known mountain lakes in Switzerland. The water has very special color and crystal clear which has its source  from subterranean springs.

In 1885, Blausee was praised in a travel guide as a "jewel of a landscape immersed in magical forest solitude". Today, the region is very accessible due to the walking paths, picnic spots and bonfire spots. There is a hotel with a spa directly on the shore of the lake. Next to it there is a successful organic trout farm.

There is no other word to describe this lake, except magnificent beautiful !

The water is so blue when viewed at certain angle that fit its name perfectly.

Husband said the admission ticket has included this boat ride in the lake, but we prefer to walk around first. 

How wrong I was to think Blausee is not comparative to the other beautiful lakes I saw in the mountain top.

I set my camera on a rock and took a nice family photo facing the lake.  

The backdrop is like a post card.

I hope you guys will appreciate all these beauty one day.

Walking around the lake.....

The lake is also well known for the wild trout fishes. They are very expensive fishes. 

I was really stunned to see this...did anyone see what I saw?

If there is heaven, I guess it won't be too much difference from this...

Truly a precious gem in the midst of forest. 

I moved on only when Vincent had called me for several times. 

Restaurants Hotel Forellenzucht as backdrop.

The only restaurant hotel in Blausee, right by the water's edge with wonderful views of the lake and the mountains. 

Lucky those trout fishes, for living in this stress-free, beautiful lake. 

Awed by the idyllic blue....

In memory of the legend of the Blausee, the artist and sculptor Raffael Fuchs, craved the status of a beautiful girl , who was found dead in this lake many years ago. This was the place where where she used to spend many romantic hours with her lover.

After his sudden death, she couldn't come to terms that she continued to return to the Blausee every night, until she eventually died out of grief herself. The blueness of the lake was apparently cause by her tears. She took sorrow and pain with her. But now it's time to forget the past and welcome a new day. It's time to stand up.

The romantic bridge within the enchanted woodland.

The forest with tall fir trees. 

It would be nice to dine in the restaurant here, but thinking of the price had put us off. Only later, I found out that many people had given bad comment regarding the foods and services it provided. 

This old man has been paddling the boat for a very long time already. Life must not be easy for him.

Near the hotel is a children playground. 

This one is fun. The 4 of us had played this for quite a while until I felt a bit dizzy.

They boys had met some American kids on the slide, and they played together for a long time.

While the kids were playing the slide over there, husband and I lazed ourselves on this wooden long chair.

Surrounded by forest, filled with trout fish and petrified trees, it is such a delightful view to marvel.

We have been to many lakes thus far, but Blausee is definitely the bluest of them all. Simply gorgeous.

This probably was the 4th round the old man had paddled. 

Round the lake is also a very nice place for jogging....

There is an organic trout farm behind the restaurant hotel, supplying the fresh fish to the guests directly. Besides, the organic trout products are also available at the shop of the park entrance or by mail order. 

The breeding philosophy "quality before quantity", make the Blausee trout a high-value and pure natural product, recognised by Bio Suisse and certified by Bio Inspecta, Frick. 

The organic trout lives a stress-free life in animal-friendly ponds with plenty of shady areas as well as back-and water-flow areas to rest. At the same time, the fishes are kept at low stocking densities. 

The use of medicine and addition of artificial dyes in the feed is strictly prohibited. Vegetable feed ingredients come from certified organic agriculture, the necessary animal proteins are fed through fish meal and oils, which are products of the food and fish processing. 

A designated breeding period of at least 18 months results in a valuable food product of high-quality taste. 

We did have a huge enjoyment in this small world. 

A last look to the lake before we left the place at around 5.30 pm.


tasy said...

yes, absolutely breathtaking.
i do hope i can see it with my own eyes one day. :)

Jessy Lee said...

Sure you will...have the faith.

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