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Sunday, August 19, 2012

Day 3 & 7 - Aeschi Park Hotel

Besides the good weather, it's no less importance to have a comfortable accommodation so that we can rest and recharge our tired body after a long day travelling.

From the 3rd day & on wards, this hotel was our "home" for the consecutive 5 days. 

Established in 1988, this 4-star hotel is located in the suburbs of Aeschi Bei Spiez. It's a short drive away from Interlaken and the other destinations that we would go for the following days.

The boys made a big "WOW" soon when we opened the door, cause it's a duplex.

To them, a house with a stair case inside is simply too awesome. 

The open kitchen was equipped with everything that I needed to cook for a simple dinner. It's always good to have a kitchen in the room, cause it'll make me feel like home. 

The balcony of our apartment is facing the garden.

The balcony where I like to sit here for some quiet moment whenever I have time in the room. 

The beautiful garden. 

The living room.

The master bedroom, a very big one.

The view as seen from the window of our master bedroom, offering panoramic views over Thun Lake and the Swiss Alps on the right hand side....

and a restaurant & local church on the left hand side. 

The master bedroom.

The short corridor that join master bedroom to the other side...

where they put another 2 bed for the guests. Initially, the kids should have slept here. However, since they seem a little bit scared to sleep in this open area, we moved their mattress to our room instead.

The living room as view from the upper floor.

One of the mornings.....Vincent has just waken up.

and William is usually the last person who woke up. 

Every morning, we would take our breakfast in the hotel's restaurant.

The card said that from 18-22, this table was reserved for Family Ching, which means the Chin Family. It's very thoughtful of the hotel to make this arrangement. 

My breakfast for every morning. The freshly baked croissants & the round buns are my favorite. 

Normally, boil egg is uncommon in their breakfast table. Husband suspected that this hotel offered boil eggs is because there are quite many Korean tours living in the hotel. We had joked about the hotel people should have put some cup noddles on the table too, cause this would please the Asean tourists more than anything else. 

William's fed himself mainly with cereal + milk.

After finished up his breakfast, William likes to play with the Swiss Knife which husband had bought for him as souvenir. 

This set is called "The Classic", small and simple for kids only. 

The other side of the restaurant. 

One of the morning, we walked out to the small garden that is just outside the restaurant...

Found some raspberries planted in the garden. 

There was one of the mornings, I took William to the restaurant next door for some photos shooting.

He is still my favorite kid's model.

Planting flowers seem so easy here. 

I like the contrast. 

The upper part of the restaurnat. 

Aeschi Park Hotel.

The other side of the hotel.

There was one morning, I woke up early, at around 6am. While everyone was still in their slept, I decided to take a walk outside the hotel area. 

I was hoping to plug some fresh apples from one of those apple trees out there. Too bad, the wild apples without some one taking care of don't look good.  

At night time, some guests would come down to this garden and chat. Although the volume was not particular loud, still it's not pleasant. 

The lounge in the hotel. 

The reception area and the waiting room.

The public area where the guests can log in to the internet FOC. However, the speed is very slow that I rather give up. 


My Family's Memoir said...

This place looks so good. My dream vacation home....Nice pictures..

Jessy Lee said...

Thanks, I hope your dream will come true soon.

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