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Sunday, May 15, 2011

Bath City

Same like last year, I got to go to visit customers again in a far-away-land. Unlike last year, this year trip will be full of meetings with many new customers whom I have never met before.

From the moment I worked on my itinerary that cover 4 countries (UK, Germany, Switzerland & Turkey) and more than 20 meetings around those places , I knew this would be a tough & stressful trip.

Knowing what was waiting ahead me, I didn't look forward to this trip at all. Frankly speaking, I just prayed for a smooth sailing and this 2 weeks would pass very fast.

The first stop was UK. This year, I had decided not to stay in London downtown, but a historical town which is very closed to the first customer I was going to visit on the next day.

After travelling for 16 hours (13 hours on plane, 3 hour on transit and train), finally I reached the destination, a town called Bath Spa. The time was around 10 am by then.

I dragged my heavy luggage and walked for about 800m to the hotel which husband had booked on line. With the help of a stranger, I found the hotel very fast. The little problem I had had was I was way too early from the check-in time (2 pm). The receptionist told me my room was not ready, so she suggested me to leave my luggage with her and I could take a walk outside first. Ok then, this is not a big problem....

The streets are quiet at that time...it's a pleasant moment on my own.

All of the shops were closed. I was wondering is it because of Sunday or the time was still early?

The weather was much colder than I've expected. From the weather forecast, the temperature should be around 22-24C, but in fact, it's only 12-14C. What happen? Like said, weather thing is always kind of unpredictable, especially in UK.

Too bad, I only brought the jacket which can keep me warm in 18-20 C. So, the consecutive 2 days in UK was quite some cold days for me.

Saw the entrance that leads to riverside walk, well, why not?

The view along the river side is spectacular....This neoclassical bridge is called Pulteney Bridge, based on an unusual design for the Rialto Bridge in Venice.

Actually I have been to this place before, when I visited the same customer last year. But it was just a very short walk due to raining. So, I didn't get to see the town in detail. Anyway, I do remember the buildings here are very beautiful & elegant.

This river is called River Avon. Apparently, this is not the only River Avon in Britain. In order to distinguish this from a number of other River Avons, this river is often also known as the Lower Avon or Bristol Avon.

After standing at this view point for about 10 min, I started to feel real cold that I got to leave the place as soon as possible.

Besides feeling cold, I also felt hungry. I looked around and spotted this small restaurant located on the bridge. Look like a good place to take a short break.

The cafe is small, but I was fortunate enough to find a seat which is just next to the window.

My full English Breakfast for the day, cost only £4.95 Very cheap if compared to London's price.

The view that I enjoyed while munching my breakfast.

I was not in a hurry that day, so it's a great feeling to relax myself with the warm foods & coffee, and good views too.

When I finally walked out from that little cafe, the time was nearly 11.30 am already. I had really taken a long breakfast that morning.

Anyway, the time was still too early for check-in, so I think I better walk for some more time.

The famous Pulteney Bridge. The little cafe which I had had my breakfast is located on the most left hand side of the bridge.

Walking slowly towards the town center....

That castle-look building is Bath Abbey. From the information I've got, it's located at the center of the town.

This is one of the many other beautiful churches in Europe.

Just at that time, the battery of my newly bought camera ran flat. Gosh, I hate this. I should have bought one extra battery but too bad, I forgot.

Although I would like to continue the walk, I did feel tired and since the battery had ran flat, I decided to walk back to my hotel. The time was nearly 12.30 pm by then.

With the very limited power left from my battery, I managed to shot some photos along the way back. Saw a tea shop that sell Bath Bun. Interesting, I must remind myself to try out Bath Bun later on.

And the pastry too...it's great they have vegetable pastry which suit me. I reminded myself to try this one later on too.

When I nearly walked back to the Pulteney Bridge, the sun came out. It was such a beautiful scene that I stopped here for a while to admire its beauty.

The Great Pulteney street that leads me to my hotel.

The terrace house along the Great Pulteney Street all look like this...

Some have an open little garden in the basement. That's the last picture I could take before the battery had gone to zero power.

Luckily, my room was ready to be check-in by then. Good, I really need some rest to recharge myself, so did my battery.....

I have rested in my room for about 1 hour before I went down to the town again, at around 2.30 pm.

The blue sky had gone, replaced by a cloudy sky instead...

Bath has become a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1987, largely because of its architectural history and the way in which the city landscape draws together public and private buildings and spaces.

In the afternoon time, this town was gradually crowded by tourist from all around the world.

Street performer. In my opinion, they sing much better than many singer. What they need is just a good chance.

The west front of Bath Abbey.

Founded in the 7th century, reorganised in the 10th century and rebuilt in the 12th and 16th centuries, Bath Abbey is one of the largest examples of Perpendicular Gothic architecture in the West Country.

Think there would be a lot of visitors inside the abbey, so I decided to skip this place first.

The tourist information center is located just next to the Abbey.

Continue to walk deeper into the town center.

This giant tree is very eye-catching in this isolated corner.

When I saw this tea shoppe that sell Bath Bun, I wanted to sit down but I decided to walk a bit longer before taking my my tea break (Too bad, I had forgotten about it after a long walk)

From the visitors guide, it said no visit to Bath is completed without a trip to the oldest House in Bath (c.1482). Ok, that sounds very challenging, I must find it then.

Finally I found the oldest House in this narrow street...

Home of the world famous Sally Lunn Bun (exceptionally light semi sweet bread) and now a living musuem where visitors can experience a taste of Bath from the 1680's.

Also preserved is the original kitchen Sally Lunn used over 300 years ago.

Today, the 3 themed refreshment rooms serve an intriguing daytime menu based on the Sally Lunn Bun for morning coffee, lunch and afternoon tea. Each evening acclaimed historic trencher dinner is served from 5 pm.

Too bad it was full house at that time, or I would hop in to order the afternoon tea for myself.

This basement cafe looks nice too, but I didn't go down to check it out...

I simply walked from street to street, knowing I can always find my way back by looking at the top of the abbey.

Saw this Cornish Bakehouse around the corner. They claimed themselves an awarded winning Cornish pasties.

Honestly, the pasties all look very inviting....price ranging from £2.30 to £4.15, quite cheap.

They don't have pure vegetables pastry, so I selected the one stuffed with potato and chicken, in spicy sauce. It's very very delicious, something like curry puff. After finished this one, I felt so full yet content.

An elderly street performer. I have waited him for a while, but he didn't play any song with his instrument. I guess he was taking a rest at that time.

I continued the walk to another direction...

The Jane Austen Centre and Regency Tearoom, Bath's most famous resident.

The centre offers a snapshot of life in Bath during Regency times and explores how living in this magnificent city affected Jane Austen's life and writing.

After the visit, one may relax and enjoy a pot of real leaf tea, some home made cake or some light snack in its Tea Rooms too.

I didn't go in for it needs admission ticket lo. Instead, I continued my walk to the hill...

Stopped at The Circus, that consists of three long, curved terraces designed by the elder John Wood.

The curved terrance at the other side.

I continued the walk to The Ha-ha in front of the Royal Crescent gives an uninterrupted view of the crescent from Royal Victoria Park.

Part of the view of Royal Crescent.

I just keep walking like a robot, didn't feel too tired though I should...

From here, I started to walk downhill...

When I saw the abbey, instantly I knew the town center is right in front.

I walked back to the bridge, and took some rest here, again...

This bird was taking a rest with me too...

I wonder why it is designed like this?

When I passed by the Abbey, suddenly I remember that I haven't visited its inside yet. Gosh, I must be too tired that I couldn't remember my unfinished business....

As always, I felt peaceful & calm when I enter the church...

The nave with its fan vaulting. A Victorian restoration of the original roof from 1608.

I've forgotten who that was...should be a saint. I didn't spend too long in the church though.

I simply walked around the Abbey to see what else I have missed.

Then I bumped into a veranda outside a mall where I can take a panorama view of the other side of River Avon.

The layer has created such a depth of field to the my eyes, what a charm.

Simple but nice...

We "hello" each other.

"Bye, birdie"

Back to Pulteney Bridge again...

Gosh, I was really exhausted at this point of time. So, I decided to walk back to the hotel to take some rest again. The time was 4 pm by then.

In order to overcome the jet lag fast, I should sleep according to local time, but not follow my biological clock. So, I log in the internet to check my email while watching the TV at the same time. There are several times, I almost dozed off but I hang on....

Wanting to go to sleep at 9 pm, I walked out to the town to fix my dinner at around 5.30 pm.

The streets were very quite compared to noon time.

Apparently, 5.30 pm is not the dinner time yet. I walked around to kill some more time...

Noticed this shop who sell beautiful glass ware.

Bath Aqua Glass, world heritage glass.

Too bad I couldn't take them home for my new house. Sigh.

Anyway, I peeped and did my window shopping here...

The more I looked at them, the more I like them. What a waste that I couldn't take any of them home.

Spotted this Thai restaurant somewhere nearby the glass shop.

I felt quite weird to sit here alone for dining. Furthermore, I wasn't feeling hungry yet. So, I decided to take away the foods and ate them in the hotel room later on.

On the way back to my hotel room...

One last look at this beautiful town...

So long, Bath.


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SO nice pictures. Lucky you. Can I know what kind of industries you are working in ?

jessylee said...

Ok lah, just a job.

FYI, we custom design & manufacture LCD/LCM for the customers.

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