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Monday, May 16, 2011

Windsor Guest House

To look for an appropriate hotel (right place, right budget) has become not-so-difficult now a days especially with the help from booking.com However, to minimize the likelihood of any unpleasant encounters, checking for the review from other guests who had stayed in that particular hotel is necessary.

Since the latter part is very time consuming, some will just skip that, but not for my trip manager. He just got the habit to check and read the reviews before booking. Thus, majority of the time, I did have a pleasant stay in the hotel that he had selected for me. Lucky I !

In Bath Spa, my trip manager has selected a hotel which is about 800m away from the train station. He has warned me of the walking distance, but I accepted it because he said the hotel should be quite nice. I trusted him.

I didn't have problems to find the hotel, that's a good start.

After 15 min walking, finally I stood by the hotel's front door.

My room at the 4th floor, the highest. Pity the lady receptionist who helped to carry my heavy luggage all the way up to the room.

The hotel is actually a Georgian townhouse. The room is designed in such a way that looks very different from modern hotel room. But I adore it, for I feel like I was staying in a room of local family.

Though small, the bed is clean and soft.

No doubt the toilet has been rebuilt to a relatively modern design.

The only window in the room.

The townhouse opposite my hotel. Actually most of the houses along this street look identical.

The pigeon outside my window.

The only stairway leading up & down.

A house at the backyard...

Got to watch out my steps when descending...

The reception area.

The eatery for the hotel's guests.

Very neat, very clean, very quiet in the morning time.

Naturally, I prefer the seat that next to the window.

The time was around 7.30 am. I ordered my breakfast and waited for it patiently...

My distributor will come to pick me up by 8.30 am, and he will take me to visit the 1st customer of the day. Thinking of all the meetings ahead, I started to feel tension a bit...

But I decided to focus on the beautiful things that put right in front of me first.

The fruit jam, yes, I can tell they are the good one even before tasting it.

The hot coffee & fresh milk was served as soon as I was seated. Great.

While waiting....I played with my newly bought camera. It has a front LCD panel that make self photo easier, very cute. Just that the fresh light released in such a short distance can blind me for a second lo.

After 15 minutes waiting, here come my English Breakfast. Many European people (other than Britain) think English breakfast is way too heavy, I agree too. But I still prefer English breakfast than other European breakfast for the foods is served in warm condition.

Good time feels short, and I desperately look forward to the next good time on weekends....


CY said...

Wah, travelling again, lucky u, MY.

My Family's Memoir said...

I totally agree with you about English breakfast, though I have never tried other European breakfasts. US breakfast is definately boring..mostly confectionaries...

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