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Saturday, May 21, 2011

Top of Tower

Soon after the lunch, I remember I should avail of an elevator to go to the top of the main tower and view the landscape of the city from there...

After buying the admission ticket, I was brought up to the 9th floor by the elevator within a blink second.

Oh dear, standing on the top again...

I have a certain degree of fear-of-heights. But if I can get a good view from the top, I will still go. This is the complex side of me.

The time was 2.50 pm by then.

The view has nothing too special, except I have get to see the city as a whole.

The crowds look like ant's colony as seen from the top. That's probably what ETs would have perceived us when they fly over our sky in UFO.

The far end is Isator, my hotel was located somewhere out there.

I didn't expect the roof of the town hall look like this, I mean not that modern type.

The restaurant is surrounded by the town hall building.

Over there is the bell tower of St. Peter Church. I have climbed up there a day before.

I didn't stay too long at the viewing platform up there. After 15 minutes, I went down. Glad to join the ant's colony again.

When the clock strike 3 pm, I went to the subway and waited for the train to take me to a small town called Erding. My old friend, LY would be meeting me over there...


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