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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Leeds City

After finished meetings in the 1st day, my distributor is kind enough to drive me to Bristol Airport to catch a domestic flight to Leeds city.

Everything goes smooth, except the boarding pass I've got was totally a wrong one. Precisely, my name & the flight number was all messed up.

After some hassles, finally we've made it straight. Although many reassurance from the supervisor, I still worried if my luggage would be sent to the wrong place. Told them I have a tight schedule to adhere on the next day, and I simply not afford to bear any delay. God know if he cared about it...

The plane take off on time though, at 5 pm sharp. That's the kind of plane I fly with, looks like my grandfather's time. I keep my finger crossed, for my own safety. Also, I prayed for my luggage will be landed at the same time, same place with me.

1 hour later, I was happy that I left the airport with my luggage intact. But I faced another small problem...I was told there isn't any train commute the airport and the down town area. I was rather surprised to hear that, cause my trip manager told me there is suppose a train network there.

End up, I had to to take a public bus to enter city center. That journey had taken me more than an hour.

Slightly over 8 pm, finally I've checked in to the hotel. I was dead exhausted by then, all I wanted to do was go straight to sleep. In order to do so, I took a very quick dinner for that night, which is cup noddle I brought from HK.

The next morning, I woke up early. After taking breakfast in hotel, I took West Railway to Steeton to visit a new customer. It said the journey would take about 40 min.

40 min later, I get off the train. Here I am, in front of a small station of a small town. The rain started to pour, but luckily it wasn't a heavy one.

I called my customer from a public phone, and he said he would send his driver to come to pick me up. Great.

The houses next to the station, looks quite nice to me.

Although there are some dead air from time to time, the meeting with my customers went on smoothly. And I managed to kill their time for 1 hour. Haha...

I left the small town soon after the meeting, at 11 am. Same as before, I took the train back to Leeds city. If everything goes smooth, I should have 3-4 hours to spend in town. Great.

As soon as I checked out from the hotel, I dumped my luggage in a baggage storage in Leeds train station. From the tourist information center, I was given a sheet of paper which will guide me for a city centre walk....

I began my walk at Leeds Visitor Centre located at Leeds City Railyway Station. Saw the City Square when I bent the corner to left.

Dominating the square is Thomas Brock's magnificent bronze statue of the Black Prince.

Surrounding the Black Prince are the statues of the famous benefactors of Leeds, including...

Joseph Priestley, the father of modern chemistry.

Don't know who he was....

I must remember the roads that I have walked through. Usually this can be done by remembering the buildings that I have seen along the roads.

Mill Hill Unitarian Chapel.

Leeds Town Hall. Opened in 1858 by Queen Victoria and designed by Cuthbert Brodrick, it became the model for similar civic buildings all over the country.

The time was 12.40 pm

Millennium Square, Leed's flagship project to mark the year 2000.

This project has successfully transformed the old Mandela Gardens and a car park into one of Europe's most initiative and impressive civic space as well as providing the city's fist new public space in over 60 years.

The golden owls perched on the columns at the front of the building are the symbols of Leeds, each weigh half a ton and are 7' 6" high.

Leeds City Museum, formally the Civic Theater.

St. Anne's Roman Catholic Cathedral, built in 1904.

Having nothing particular to do in mind, I finished up the city walk within an hour.

Since the time was still early, I decided to take a walk into the shopping area as well.

There are all sort of shops along the streets...but I have no mood to do shopping.

I just walked the streets without any purpose...soon I started to feel bored at this point of time.

The time was nearly 2pm by then. Since the train to Manchester Airport will departed at 3.40 pm, I decided to end the aimless walk from here.

Before I left, I took a curry chicken rice + nan bread at one of the restaurants near the train station. Surprisingly, the foods taste very good. I enjoyed it very much.

I arrived at the Manchester Airport somewhere around 4.50 pm. Everything seems good so far...

My flight to Germany departed on time as well (7.15 pm). I should arrive Hamburg at 9.45 pm local time.

Feeling dead tired again...


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