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Saturday, May 21, 2011

Saturday Morning in Marienplatz

Won't want to waste any time, I woke up early in the Saturday morning. After taking a simple breakfast in the hotel, I walked out...

The time was around 9 am, and the streets are still quiet, very nice.

I extended my walk a bit further to a town next to Marienplatz in that morning, but found they are actually just within walking distance.

Not too long later, I walked back to another side of Marienplatz already.

Saw some teenagers dressed up in traditional attire. I wonder what's up?

I bent another corner and here I was, back to the square again.

Under the bright sunlight, the New Town Hall looks absolutely stunning. I really admire and respect their ancient architecture who had spent so much time in building everything in such a detail way.

Column of St. Mary under the clear blue sky.

Saw a big stage was set at the center of the square...

and live band was playing folk songs at one side. Apparently, there gonna be a stage performance soon...I stood at the front line, a perfect spot to watch the live show.

I stood at the front line, a perfect spot to watch the live show.

I didn't know what the MC had said for most of the time in German, but somehow he mentioned that this was a celebration for 60th anniversary of a group of people. A traditional dancing group, I suppose.

Young and old, they danced together for celebration. I feel that dancing is a very good way to form a bond with people. One day, I'm gonna enroll a dancing group too...

Hi there...

I stood there for more than 1 hour, till my legs get sored & tired...

Wanted to take a rest here but darn...why didn't they open up the umbrella? Frankly speaking, the sun was too hot for me, but obviously not to the European.

Although crowded, this place is still a good place to hang around.

Another attractiveness on the town hall is the Rathaus-Glockenspiel, a clock that charms the audience below with performances at 11 am, 12 pm & 5 pm in summer months. It's a very strange spectacle as everyone in the Marienplatz stops and looks up to see the stories unfold above.

I was one of them who looked up at 11 pm.


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