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Saturday, May 21, 2011


Since I had flew a few thousand miles and stopped over in Munich, I decided to spare some time to visit my old friend LY, who live with her family in a small village, nearby Munich.

However, my friend's routine on every Saturday is pretty much fixed, as this is the only day she can go for grocery shopping in a week. In order to save her the troubles to drive me to and fro her place after the shopping, I thought might as well I take the train and meet her somewhere near the place she would do shopping.

After some discussion, we agreed to meet at the last station of S2 line, called Erding, at 4 pm.

I boarded on the train which will take me to the last stop, Erding.

The journey took about 45 min. On the train, I checked & deleted the photos in my camera as a way to kill time.

My friend and her husband greeted me at Erding station on time. Then, we walked to a nearby street cafe to enjoy some late-afternoon coffee & desserts. It's great to see her again after all these years. Also, finally met her husband who is one of the super good men in this world.

We chatted casually until 6 pm, and then it's time to say good bye.

On the way back to the train station, I took this opportunity to snap some photos, just for remembrance.

My friend told me this small town is the origin of world famous Erdinger's beer. Well, I have no idea.

Although the town is very small, the late afternoon time here is no less charming.

Ok, back to the station. I boarded on the train again, all ready to go back to Munich.

The whole journey has nothing much to see, except the sun was almost set by then.

Don't know why, I just feel very lonely at that time, and I missed my family dearly...


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