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Friday, May 20, 2011

View from a Bell Tower

Before I discovered that big market, I discovered the entrance to climb up to a tower opened by St Paul Church.

Seems interesting, I bought a ticket and started to climb...

The staircase is very narrow, just enough for me to walk through. The visitors had to give way to each other most of the time.

I counted, and one need to climb for about 300 stairs to the top. I felt so short of breath even though I was only at the mid way.

Finally I reached the platform at the top. The view is spectacular that worth all my sweats to climb up.

Too bad my newly bought camera can't capture the whole picture of New Town Hall even I stood so high above it. I so miss my old camera. If not because it's too bulky and heavy, I would sure bring it with me.

From here, I reminded myself to must go to the top of that opposite tower in the next day.

The time was 5.12 pm

The skyline as view from the tower.

Align Center

Didn't know why the red & white balloons were set free to the sky? But it certainly had elevated my mood to see this unexpected event....


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