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Friday, May 20, 2011

Munich Market

When we go overseas, market is the place we will never consider and put in our itinerary.

If not because this Munich's trip is a free-style manner, I don't think I will go to their market as well. So, I was kind of very lucky that I bumped into a big market when I walked around the city without specific purpose.

The sky looked so dark that I remember my customer had told me before that a thunder storm would likely to happen in the evening time.

So, when I saw the market over there, I was really hesitating should I leave the place immediately or should I go over there for a quick look.

At last, the "risk-taking ME" won....

I had decided to take a real quick look in the market.

The market is a very big one, much bigger than my expectation.

After a few minutes, I find that this market is really a very fascinating place....

They sell all sorts of fruits...from all around the world. I had bought some juicy cherries for myself with reasonable price.

I didn't exaggerate about things...simply name 30 fruits, and I believe one can find it from this market.

and they sells a wide variety of vegetables too...

White asparagus could be seen everywhere. It's true this is the right season for it. So, I had come at the right time.

This market is also selling many different types of herbs, spices, seasoning...Gosh, really out of my imagination. End up, I bought home some herbs and spices for cooking purpose. The taste is fabulous !

I used to think Chinese or Asian people are the one who use the most herbs & spice in cooking, now I know I was quite wrong about this perception.

The color of the radish is so beautiful, just like a piece of arts.

Flowers are everywhere too, but they are less attractive to me, probably I've seen too many beautiful flowers in HK.

The rain had started to pour, so I got to leave from here. I would sure visit the market again...

The next morning, I went to this interesting place to probe further.

All sort of pickles. One is welcome to try before buying, but I don't quite like them.

the green color one is Wasabi cheese, cool...

anyway, I'm not a cheese lover.

another vegie stall.

I've eaten this before in Hamburg, they taste a bit weird but ok to me. I have pretty wide tolerance to vegetables.

I used to hear people said that it's hard to become a vegetarian in Germany, cause the choices of vegetable are very limited in the region. But looking at all those different kind of vegie in this market, I won't agree lo.

In fact, I think this market sells more vegie than the market in HK.

Items that were made by using recycled materials, like straws...

Duck's family, very cute.

I like this bear, but a bit too expensive for my collection lo.

It's really good to spend the Saturday morning strolling in the market.

I didn't feel bore walking here alone...

and I didn't feel the pressure when I just want to look but not buying.

Personally, I think the girls selling pickles are all very hot lo...

People seems to enjoy eating standing here...

I even found Jack-fruit in here...but seeing the way they cut it, I chuckled.

Too bad I couldn't bring the white asparagus home.

I started to feel hungry, and looked for foods. But I couldn't find a good place to be seated in this market.

That sandwich looks nice, but I was hoping for some hot foods instead of cold foods...

End up, I settled myself in a Chinese restaurant. That's my lunch for that Saturday afternoon.

After I returned HK, I get to know the E-Coli outbreak happened in Hamburg just at the time I was there. The incidence had caused 26 deaths and affected more than 2800 people (as reported in 10-Jun). I was lucky that I was not harmed at any way.


Juju said...

Wow, I simply love the market place. You are one lucky lady who has travelled to so many places before.

jessylee said...

Yes, I consider myself lucky in this way, hehe...

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