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Monday, August 20, 2012

Day 5 - Thun Town

Instead of taking the mountain pass to go "home", husband wanted to drive on the express way this time. He said although the distance is longer, he could drive faster to compensate the distance. 

Furthermore, he said we could visit one more place before going "home" since the town is on the way. Well, whatever, since he was the one who drive. 

50 minutes later, we reached an old town called Thun. After we parked our car in a mall, we walked into the town right away. 

Just when we walked on the river side, we saw some people jumping down to the river from the bridge. My jaws dropped to see this unexpected scene. Obviously, they were not killing themselves, but having fun instead. They didn't swim back to the shore afterwards, but let the current flow them away rapidly.

Before I realized what's happening, there we saw some one was jumping into the river again. Obviously, it's not something uncommon to do for the local people.

Should I worried about them?

Well, I don't think I need to, cause it doesn't seem dangerous...

There are many restaurants and cafes along the Aare River. Just when the boys saw MD, they started to beg us to take them there for dinner. But the mean mom told them that she would cook a healthy dinner for that night. Although not happy, they managed to keep their mouth shut then. 

If we go straight to the restaurant before I knew what's happening in the river, I probably would scream out of my lung when I saw those people floating in the river outside.

The pipe on the right hand side was pumping the filtered water back to the river after treatment. So, I guess no wonder people feel safe to expose themselves in the river.

The town is famous for a castle, stand on the hill over the City Hall Square.

We followed the river and come to that water park.

Many young-and-old were having fun in this part of the river. This place is not free, we need to pay a little amount as the entrance fees.

Looks very fun. We persuaded the boys to play and float in the river like those people, but they were really hesitated when they get to know husband and I have no plan to join them though.

The people seem really enjoyed themselves over here. 

Frankly speaking, I'm not brave enough to become one of them. I have many worries, like the water is too cold, the water flows very fast, the water is too deep...haha...

After many encouragement, finally the kids were willing to give it a try. When they walked down to the river, I was as nervous as them.

As expected, they said the water is very cold.

This isolated area is for the beginners and the young children. 

Vincent took the lead to swim across ...

William followed at his back....

One of the reasons they agreed to give this a try is because this part of the river is blocked by barrier. So, they knew they won't be flowing to no where by the river, and not going to see us for the rest of their life.

The left lane is the wild side, the right lane is the safe side. 

Looking at them, I started to feel itchy to want to try out myself. Too bad I didn't bring extra dry clothes for myself. That's save me from struggling with myself whether to-go or not-to-go. 

William refused to go down into the river for the 2nd time cause he said the water is too cold. But Vincent was ok for it. 

He seemed scared, but he didn't give up.

I was very proud of him, he always is the bravest among the 4 of us.

Vincent wanted to swim to the log there and join the kids for fun. But the distance is a bit too long for him, plus the strong current, end up he turned back after a half way to go.  

The time was nearly 6pm when we left the place. 

On the way back to the hotel, we drove around the town for a quick look.

Husband said there is a famous castle atop a hill, but we couldn't find it. Since we were tired, we didn't really have the motivation to look for the castle, but just follow the course. 

This building is looks abnormal. Since it was closed, we didn't go down to check it out. 

Although the time is not too early, still there are many youngsters wanted to jump down to the river...

Oh yes, this town seems crazy for Titanic. They even built a half-sink "Titanic" at one of the round about there. I think they must love what Jack had said to Rose : If You Jump, I'll Jump

It's been another great day. I LOVE VACATION !!!


tasy said...

Yes, it does sound weird to be swimming in a river like that??!! but looked soooo fun!! if i were younger like in the 20s, i think i would have joined them, but now, really??? nay!

Jessy Lee said...

but u see ah...there are some women in their 50s & 60s in the river wo, so we look like a chicken standing there lo..haha.

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