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Sunday, August 18, 2013

Day 2 - Nice City

The next destination is Nice, about 20 min driving distance from Eze Village.

When I get to see Nice from a distance, I said a "wow". The city is much much bigger than my expectation.

Once get into the city area, we felt like driving in a maze....

Husband had taken quite a while before he finally figured out the right way to check in the hotel.

Nice is the 5th most populous city in France, after Paris, Marseille, Lyon and Toulouse. Located on the south east coast of France on Mediterranean Sea, Nice is the 2nd largest French city on the Provence region, after Marseille.

The city is called Nice la Belle, which means Nice the Beautiful, which is also the title of an unofficial anthem of Nice.

Blessed by a sunny, temperate climate, Nice attracts visitors from around the world. Among its many attractions are its beautiful beaches, lovely seaside promenade, interesting museums, famous city landmarks, etc.

Yes, finally we could get to see the beautiful Mediterranean sea in a walking distance.

Nice is well known for the beautiful view along the Promenade des Anglais.

For the coming 2 days, we have drove along Promenade des Anglais for at least 10X, cause it's the major road we use to back and fro the hotel.

Nevertheless, we were just the by passer to this beautiful promenade. We simply didn't have the mood to walk under the hot sun.

To the Asian, this weather (average 33C - 34C in daytime) is scary hot. But to the European, it's lovely hot. I guess that's one of the major differences between the Asian an & the European.

Well, I'm not a sunny-beach & seaside lover. I have never enjoyed being roasted like this.

So long for the beach, we found our hotel somewhere near the Nice Airport. Sons love the hotel, cause they offered many interesting movies and also, games on TV. Furthermore, they can log in to the internet through the TV too.

We were also tired after some long-hour driving in the early morning, and a pretty long walk in Eze Village before we arrived at here. So, we were so succumb to laze in the cooled room until 4.30 pm...

Alright, time to go to Nice city center, on the other end of the Promenade.

Hotel Negresco, landmrak hotel in Nice. This huge, pink-and-white wedding cake on the Promenade des Anglais is Nice's most expensive seafront hotel. There is no pool, jacuzzi or fitness centre, but that hasn't stopped stars such as Michael Jackson setting up headquarters here when in Nice.

Nice is famous for its belle epoque architecture, mainly in white.

Saleya Court, the daily market was closed by the time we were there.

One of the street bars at the Saleya Court.

In front of a toy shop.

The old town beneath the hill is a maze of streets and alleys, with many picturesque houses, boutiques and home to the daily flower and fruit market of the Saleya Court.

I feel that the shops & restaurant in this town is quite Spain's feel.

Frankly speaking, I don't see any special items that caught my attention. Certainly, it would arouse my urge to  buy it home.

The walk in the town was more for sight seeing purpose...

Happen to bump into this cool motorbike. The boys love it.

Nice window display.

After 30 min walking under the hot weather, we wanted to take a break. 

Since the time was too early for dinner (again), all we could find was some local snacks....

for example, salads...

for example, sandwich...

for example, cheese toast...

The boys like the cheese toast though. Basically, that's our "dinner" were about. 

We wanted to sit there longer but the weather was really too hot for that. 

The church of St. Martin in Nice. 

The desserts are very attractive though...

especially Macaron, sons and I love it. But husband doesn't really like it, said it's too sweet.  

The nuts cake is equally tempted too.

Walked back to the Saleya Court.

Before going back to the hotel, husband said we should go up to the highest point to get the see the overview of Nice city. Fine. 

Parking is every driver's common problem in Nice. It really depends on one's luck for he/she to find a vacancy fast. Well, we were really lucky that day.

After leave our car at the road side parking lot,we walked towards the Le Chateau (Castle Hill), which is just 100 m away. 

Instead of walking up (none of us wanted to do that), we took the free elevator to save our legs for the top. Lucky we, didn't need to queue a long time for our turn. 

The Colline du Chateau overlooking the Baie des Anges and harbour, truly a spectacular vantage point overlooking the city. 

Panorama of the city and the beach. 

Up there is a green park, with lots of trees that provide shaded area to the visitors. Other than that, not much is left of its ruined castle besides crumbling walls. 

There is also a playgroup for kids.

They were happy to see something they could play on, still very much a kid.

Husband asked me to take a walk around by myself, while he sat there to watch over the kids. 

The other side of the hill overlooking the harbour of Nice....

15 minutes later, I walked back to the playground. The boys has climbed up to the top by then. 

He signed me to go over and take some photos for him.

We sat there for another 5 minutes, then decided to leave the place cause we felt a bit sleepy already.  

Going back to the hotel by using the same promenade road...

The time was nearly 7 pm by then, but still, a very bright sunny day....


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