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Monday, August 19, 2013

Day 3- Nice Antiques Market

After leaving St.Paul de Vence, we drove the kids back to the hotel room. Then husband and I went to the nearby antiques market without them tagging along. This is because we know them so well, that they won't be interested at all in those thingy. 

Instead of forcing them to go, might as well let them rested and watched movies in the cool hotel room. 

Yes, La Promenade des Anglais again.

Every Monday at the Cours Saleya (7:00-18:00), there is a big antiques market with collectables, furniture and porcelain for sales 

The antiques market is filled with around 100 flea market vendors selling their wares. It doesn't need an expert to tell this is a fairly high-quality market. 

A huge variety of collectables is on offer, eg. silver, vintage clothing, posters, nautical and travel items, ceramics, paintings, toys, rustic wooden items, jewellery etc. 

This is a great market for visitors who are interested in sun and people-watching as they are in purchasing collectables. 

Out of my expectation, most of the collectables are very pricey. Anyway, we are really not some antiques expert, so it's hard to judge if the price is being reasonable or not.

Some antiques earring look pretty elegant to me. But husband poured me some cold water : imagine the earrings has been worn by someone who had passed away, and u never know what's the story behind it.

Oh, he is so right. I had completely lost my interest in those elegant earrings after hearing what husband had said about it.  

So, wandering around this antiques market had solely become a 'window-shopping' once we had implanted this mind set.

Really, who would want to buy those 2nd hand items with a price that is even higher than the brand new? I guess only the antiques lover will do. 

Anyway, the heirs of those collectables are considered lucky, aren't they?

I guess when the descendant go searching their great grandma's house, sure they can find a piece or two antiques which can bring them some handsome fortune.

Under the burning hot sun, it's not so enjoy wandering the antiques market. So, we decided to leave after 30 minutes. 

The street restaurants are very inviting, but we decided to go back to hotel room to fetch the kids for lunch together. 

Husband had promised the kids that he would drive them to the nearby airport to look for Chinese foods. 


My Family's Memoir said...

I couldn't catch up with all the photos that you have posted. Way too many and they are simply lovely....

Jessy Lee said...

That's ok JJ, I find it quite hard to manage those photos by myself too, really way too many. Thx for checking anyway ya..

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