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Friday, August 23, 2013

Day 7 - Going Heights.

It was a long drive before we could settle down for the night. 

Fortunately, the kids were sleeping soundly at the back so the driver could concentrate on the road. 

As for me, I was in half-wake / half-asleep condition. Sorry for the driver as I know it's really boring for him to have to stay vigilance all by himself on the road.

When I woke up from time to time, that's what I saw along the express way....

Probably after 2 hours or so, we swayed from the express way. 

I could see that we were getting more and more closer to the mountain range.

Also, we saw less vehicles on the road as we moved further up to the mountain...

There are several townships along our way up. But husband said we got to go up to 1850 m, that's our destination. 

As the destination was getting closer, I woke up completely.

I look forward to our next destination as the scene would be very different from Provence region. 

At around 7 pm, finally we arrived at the 1850 m.

As usual, we got to find the way to go to our hotel....Where are you?

The place was surprisingly very quiet, we didn't get to see many people out there. Husband said probably it's because the cable car system would be shut down on the next day.

Although the town is not very big, we still need to turn here and there to look for the hotel....

Just quiet....don't know it's a good thing or bad thing?

Ok, finally we had found the hotel...As usual, the boys were happy whenever we reached the hotel.

Waiting in the lobby while husband was checking in a room...

Feel very homely....

This room would be our home for the coming 2 days.

The room is not very big, but husband said we have been upgraded already.

Anyway, the view outside is superior....

Great View...I have no complaint then.


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