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Sunday, August 25, 2013

Day 9 - Rifugio Torino Nuovo

The next thing we would do was to go up one of the mountains there. 

Husband said we can just walk to the cable car station which is very nearby our hotel, in less than 500 m.

Vincent with a beautiful backdrop.

Our hotel, Piller d' Angle

We then walked to that direction to the cable car station...

Although a short distance, we have to walk all the way up, which was very tiring.

After walking 200m, husband had decided to turn back to get our car, so we could drive up instead of walking. We raised all four in total agreement.

In less than 5 min, we parked our car safely in the parking lot.

The Refuge Torino is a high mountain refuge in the Alps in northwestern Italy. Located on the border with France, the refuge is in the Mont Blanc massif, between the town of Courmayeur, Italy and Chamonix, France.

It can be accessed from the Italian side by Monte Bianco cable car from La Palud in Courmayeur, with a change at the Pavilion du Mont Frety.

There was no other visitors buying ticket at the counter but us, suggested that we could be the only 4 person who choose to go up the peak in this not-so-good weather day.

Truth enough, we were the only 4 passengers in this cable car. Well, since we were here, we just go with the flow....

Slowing going up now.

As we approaching the peak, the midst was getting thicker.

Husband said we may not be able to see anything up there. Looking at the foggy surrounding, I think the same too.

It would be freezing cold at the top, so I wrapped him like a baby doll.

Looking up was a foggy day...

but looking down was a clear day...what a big contrast.

The contrast...

As predicted, we couldn't see anything by the time we reached the top.

Out of nothing to do, husband suggested we should walk up this long stair to a viewing platform.

When we finally climb up to the end, then we realized we have climbed 228 steps. And that had made us a hero, haha...

Frankly speaking, there isn't much to see up there due to thick fogs.

Furthermore, the place was in construction...so it's quite messy in fact.

Fortunately, the kids were happy when they saw the snow and get to play with it.

The only place we could explore is to walk down this slippery snow path for a very short distance.

It's really very slippery, so they got to walk very slow and carefully.

That's the end they could go.

After a while, I watched them walking up to the platform. Husband first...

The kids followed him at the back...

Vincent had made it steady and cool.

William was far more cautious with his steps.

Oops..careful son.

Almost there....

Yes, you returned to me safe and sound.

We were so close to Mont Blanc. In fact, there should be a cable connected cable car from here to one of the peaks over there. However, it was closed by the time we were there, for unknown reason.

We let the kids playing with snow for a little bit while, before leaving the place for long.

Haven't been to any peaks with just the 4 of us up there. Feeling lonely at the top, haha...

With such a poor facilities, I wonder why the management didn't close it for proper maintenance before open it to the public?

Should we have known the condition prior the ascend, we won't choose to come. After all, the ticket fares of the cable car is not cheap (around HK$ 900 for the whole family). 

The only restaurant bar at the mountain, but we didn't go inside though.

While waiting for the cable car to come to pick up in a small room, I looked down the mountain from the glass window. The view looks good.

There came our cable car....

Lucky thing was, the boys have no complaint all this while...

I think one of the reasons is their mouth was occupied with the junks.

Believe it, junk foods can make them really happy. 

Below pictures were taken when we were in the cable car, descending the mountain.

We didn't go back to the station straight away, but get off the cable car at the intermediate section....


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