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Thursday, August 22, 2013

Day 6 - Canoeing at Fontaine de Vaucluse

On day 6, the activity we were going to do in the morning time was a bit challenging, especially to me and the kids. Husband has repeatedly ensured me that the activity would be totally safe and he hope we all would enjoy it. Ok, fine. 

After taking a simple continental breakfast in the hotel, husband drove us to the kayaking site which is just 15 minutes driving distance. Great that we didn't need to travel far away.

The view at this place is not so prominent, so I really hope the kayaking itself would turn out to be a fun one.

There are 2 companies that one can do this with in Fontaine de Vaucluse, Canoe-Evasion and Kayak Vert. Husband had chosen the latter.

Kayak Vert starts a little further upstream and is more free-range. They gave us a canoe / kayak and send us on the way, with their people standing by where help is needed to get down a drop in level.

William was practicing paddling on the spot before departure.

I have a problem though....I thought we could have rented a 4-person canoe, but apparently, a couple with 2 children over 8 years old will either go into 2 boats for 2, or they can take their own boat. 

So, we got to rent 2 boats instead. Knowing this fact had freaked me out, but I couldn't let everyone down, isn't it? So, I just got to node my head at last.

After a brief lecture given by the operator, we were all set to go....

Even William who so used to stick on me for whatever activities knew that it's not a good idea to stick on me this time. Without arguing, he duly followed husband's arrangement, which is Vincent-me in 1 kayak, and William-husband in another.  

The basic rules about kayaking, the one who sit at the back will be responsible in keeping the direction, while the one who sit in front will handle the paddling job. 

Like promised, there will be man standing at certain points to assist us into proceeding into another level. 

At this level, we need to get off the kayak, walk down the stairs to a lower stream, and let Captain Hook to pull down the kayak for us. Of course we will need to catch our kayak at the lower stream later. 

Luckily I managed to catch the kayak without hassles. But the water is freezing cold though we only walked in the river for less than 2 minutes.It's no wonder when I get to know the water temperature is around 12C-13C year round.   

Husband had asked for a waterproof container (bidon) where we can put our valuables, like camera in it. So, he is the camera man for the most of the river trip. 

I was pretty struggle in getting our kayak straight most of the time. When husband saw my clumsy, he came over and carry my kayak with his side by side. Sigh....

Despite of my clumsy in directing the boat, I did admire this crystal clear water, as well as the greenery downs there.  

Later then I knew from husband that this Sorgue river comes out of the ground at Fontaine de Vaucluse. And we would be going to visit its source later in the afternoon, after the paddling was over. 

This paddling is around 8 km long, last for 2 hours. Half way had passed, yet I still not very efficient in controlling my boat.This had made Vincent quite nervous. 

always blocking people's boat, or hit the river side, haha...

Only after 1 hour or so, then I master the skill of directing the boat to where I wanted it to go. Yes !

Lucky William, he didn't need to be as nervous as his brother did. 

Since then, I was no longer struggling with the boat or the river. Such a relief! 

See, we were pretty harmony...

Oh, going down this baby water fall was fun.

No capsize though...

At the end, I'm glad to say that this kayaking is fun. 

Although I struggle quite a lot at the beginning, but I manage to conquer it at last. Thanks to this 8 km long training, it's indeed long enough to get me into condition with no way to run. 

We have ended the paddle at around 12 noon. After returning the boat, we boarded a mini bus which has been waiting for us and took us back to our car later on.


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