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Monday, August 19, 2013

Day 3 - Mediterranean coast to Antibes

At around 4.30 pm, we went out again.

This time, we took the boys to the beach. Then, we planned to take a short walk in a nearby old town.

Husband drove by the coastal road, he thinks this would be less congested.

On the way, William pointed at those lamp posts which look like they are going to be blew down at anytime. At first, we thought they are. But later, we think this is just the design, not that they are going to fall down.

Mediterranean sea,for unknown reason I always associate this sea with romantic scenes and stories.

We stopped the car at a road side's car park somewhere around here....overlooking a castle at hill top.

The strong wind has made the air chiller, so it's very comfortable to expose ourselves under the big sun.

People on the beach...

We are one of them...

Looking at those waves, the water didn't seem like a safe place to let the boys to play on their own. Luckily, the boys think the same too.

The beach is not made of sandy, but pebbled stones like this....

In fact, the entire beach consists of large flat stones like this. A few private beaches have added a layer of sand, but the free public beaches are a stony experience. 

One should definitely bring sandal when walking on the stones cause it can be painful. Even sitting on it for a long time can be painful too. 

Although the beaches are mainly pebbles, visitors did enjoy the beautiful deep blue sea and its waves. But, since the water drops quickly and the tidal pull can be very strong, this is not a good place to play water for the beginners.

We should have brought some towels or mats to here...

William had tried to walk near to the sea, but he was scared off by the relatively big waves very soon. 

20 minutes later, we left the beach and moved on to the old town which is just a few km away.

Within 15 minutes time, we arrived at Antibes, the little village surrounded by the wall. 

We parked our car in front of this small port of Antibes. 

While waiting for husband to settle the parking ticket...

He can be very childish, at times.

When husband came back, we walked into the town without wasting any time...

Antibes is a resort town, located between Cannes and Nice. 

Pablo Picasso has came to the town in 1946, having visited his friend and was invited to stay in a castle. During his 6th month stay, Picasso painted and drew as well as crafting ceramics and tapestries. When he departed, Picasso left a number of his works to the municipality.Since then, the castle has become the Picasso Museum.  

The old town is a charming one. 

There are no empty seats along the street side bar and restaurants. We think they would sit there until dinner time was over, probably after 9 pm. So, we won't have the chance to get a table here. 

The open square in the middle of town. 

The shops around the street. There isn't anything that captured my attention particularly.

But Vincent was particularly interested in this. He didn't understand the trick behind it until I unfolded the secret behind.So clever of me, haha... 

Except macoron, which is forever lovely and delicious to me...

When I looked at this macoron tree, it triggered me to learn and make one similar to this for this coming Christmas...Gosh, this will be a big project for me. Will see.

Carousel doesn't look interesting to us anymore.

Lovely home decoration for girl's room only. They boys didn't even look at them for a second.

Another full house restaurant. Since we couldn't find a good table for dining, we had decided to go back to the hotel room and finished up the Chinese fried rice & fried noddles which we have taken away during the lunch time. 

The time was nearly 7.30 pm by then.

On the way back, saw this fascinating motor bike. William kept asking where can we hire this?

The sun began to set, and the new moon has arise... 

Happen to capture the moon sitting on the cloud, so cute.

That's the end of Day 3. We all were looking forward to the next day, cause the thing we were about to do would be quite different from these past 3 days.


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