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Saturday, August 24, 2013

Day 8 - Courchevel 1850

We woke up at around 7.30 am, then went down to the hotel's restaurant to take a breakfast buffet.

The foods variety are very well spread if compared to other hotels that we have stayed in before. That really had refreshed our mood about breakfast time. 

A Funny Shot : Dad did a quick visual checking on son's plate...(cereal again, haiz).  

After breakfast, we went out the hotel for a walk.Great to see this perfect mirror image right in front of us. 

It would be nice to have a villa facing this lake & mountain, but no construction ok. 

Son loves this place too...

Our hotel as backdrop.

The lounge...

the reception area...

The way leading to the restaurant.

Oh yeah,this hotel is called Hotel Le Mercure, located at Courchevel 1850. 

Ok, all ready to go for activity for the day.

We drove down to the destination...

On the way, I could see that most of the luxury 5-star hotels were closed at this low season. 

The good thing about travelling in low season..there is virtually no crowds and save a lot of time in waiting.Yippee!

We stopped by our car near this luxury hotel as husband wanted to check some information from the Tourist Information Center.  

Saw this bulky skating boots inside the tourist center...still haven't got the chance to try it yet.

The outlook of the tourist center is really not bad...

To us, there was nothing much to do at this low season, except going to mountain hiking or bicycling...

As planned, we go for bicycling.

We had rented 4 mountain bicycles from this shop. The charges are not cheap though in the low season.

Adapting to the gears and other settings..

The mission is to go down to the mid level by following a bumpy trail.

Ok, we can do it. Let's go !

The muddy trail is really bumpy, till our hands and buttocks are all numb.I didn't get the chance to take photos as attention is really needed to avoid accident.  

After 30 minutes or so, we stopped by for a break.It's really a good life without feeling bumpy. 

What's more,munching the chips potato under the breezing woods.

Didn't know why, husband suddenly show off his secret weapon which he had carried along throughout the journey. 

He then started to use his knife and playing darts game on the tree. 

Vincent was pretty fascinated with the games.

Poor trees...

Time to continue the bicycling now..

Yeah, that would be your trophy when we completed the cycling, ok.

There we go again...

For future remembrance, I deliberately asked them to stop for a short photo session. 

Another 30 minutes time, we reached our finishing point in a town at lower altitude.

Husband said we could take the bus to go back to where we have parked our car.

The bus service is not very frequent, so we got to wait...

At first, we rested at this beautiful lake side.

There is a cable car system connected both side of the lake. 

Well, the cable car was not in service particularly on that day.

While waiting for the bus to come, the boys kept cycling around the lake side.

By cycling, they can complete a circle within 2-3 minutes.

When the bus was about to come, we went over to the road side bus stop.

Some beautiful flowers on road side.

It wasn't that tiring, right?

A beautiful house for sales at the opposite of the bus stop.

Most of the local residents have this leisure time in gardening their front yard. To city folks like us, this is a wishful thinking.  

I checked the flowers and found that almost every flower got at least a bee digging inside it.

After 10 minutes waiting, there was still no sign of the bus...

We started to feel worried, as the sky had turned dark. Looks like a rain was about to pour at any time. True enough, the rain had started right when the bus arrived at the stop. 

It's very messy for husband to have to hang all 4 of our bicycles at the back of the bus. By the time he got up the bus, he almost wet from head to toe.  

Oh yes, the place is called Courchevel Le Praz.

Finally, we returned to our hotel room after a not-so-smooth bus ride, which had taken us more than 1 hour time. 

We finished up our cup noodles stock as lunch. That had made the kids all so happy for the day.

The rain didn't stop since then, we just got to stay in the room and do our own stuff. 

Despite of non-stop raining on that day, we felt grateful that we have enjoyed 7 good-weather days before that. Nothing can beat that....


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