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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Day 5 - Moustiers in the Early Light

We woke up at around 7 am on the next day. 

While the kids were using the toilet, I stood at the balcony and let the fresh air filling up my lungs. Looking at the clear sky, I knew we were blessed with another beautiful day !

Actually we didn't sleep well on the night before.

Firstly, the party sounds were too loud until very late midnight. Secondly, the bell at that tower strikes every hour.It didn't stop after 1 cycle, but repeating for the 2nd cycle. Gosh, I wonder how other people would think about it?

Despite of all those noises, I'm glad for having the chance to wake up in this heavenly place.

This is the bell that strikes so hard, so strong....

The continental breakfast provided by the hotel. Not bad, though every day's breakfast is more or less the same thing.

The boys were happy to see boiled eggs on the table this time. Eggs are not commonly seen in their breakfast menu.  

The dining area at outside.

Le Relais, our hotel.

While husband was packing in the room, I took a quick walk around the hotel area...

Every street was quiet...

Little Prince as in the famous book...

I returned to the room in 15 min time, then we checked out the hotel at around 9 am. 

Looking at this menu stick on the wall of the elevator, I have started missing this place already. 

When I learn French one day, I will come back to read this menu....


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