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Friday, August 23, 2013

Day 7 - Pont en Royans

The 7th day is another sunny beautiful day. We were really lucky this year....

As usual, the passengers sat in the car comfortably, let the driver worried about the direction.

For the 1st hour driving on the express way, there is nothing much to see,except some sort of rare vehicles.

Swaying out the express way after some time....

Passing by some old villages...

From far, we thought a couple and a kid was standing on the bridge up there. Only when we drove nearer, then we realized "they" are statues. Cool.

We continued to drive for some distance....

Not too long later, husband announced that we had arrived at our 1st destination. Great !!

I have no idea what's the name of this old village. Later on, I find out it's called Pont en Royans.

Looking for parking lot is an issue here...Since we saw some cars parked along the road, we just follow suit.

After parking the car, we walked across the road. What's appeared in front of us are absolutely awesome !!

Today, Pont en Royans is a village which shows the medieval architecture of the 16th century and is famous for its colorful hanging houses.

Its original architecture is due to an ingenious adaptation to the environment of the village to promote its trading activity with timber.

We walked down a stair to the stream side.

Husband and I sat on the rocks to admire those hanging houses...

while the kids, they just munched chips like having a junk party there...haiz.

Still cute....

Yo, let's go.

Pont en Royans is truly a small and quiet town, there isn't much to see except the hanging houses we have been to just now. 

Not many bars or restaurants were opened in the afternoon time. This is the only bar restaurant which seem to be in business, but no one inside though. 

After 30 min, we had decided to move on without taking lunch here.

Heading to our next destination, the mountain area upfront...  


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