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Sunday, August 25, 2013

Day 9 - Giardino Alpino Saussurea

The reason we dropped off at this intermediate station was to visit a botanical garden, which is described as Europe's highest botanical garden (2173 m above sea level).

The other reason we stopped by was because the expensive cable car ticket fares has included the entry charge to this botanical garden. So,we didn't want to waste it.

The tourist information center cum souvenir shop cum refreshment cafe, greeting us in a total silence.

Those flowers planted right in front of the center had captured my attention.


What's those 3 flags represent for?

Still happy with the junks in his hands and mouth. 

Looking up, we have just been there some minutes ago.

The garden was opened in 1987, and named after the flower Saussurea alpine which honours pioneering alpinist Horace-Benedict de Saussure (1740-1799).

The garden is not a big one, so we were not in rush.

Is this the end of life? Or just the beginning of life?

Some of the alpine flowers which I think is beautiful...

I love this series photos of the 3 of us...

About 30 minutes later, we left the garden.

Walking a short distance to the cable car station...

Ok, let's go down now...

The time was nearly 7 pm when we walked on this street of Comayeur town center. 

Wanted to find something to eat for dinner...though we were not particular hungry. 

There were quite some tourists on the streets, but not too many restaurants comparatively. 

We couldn't find any foods that we particularly want to eat neither.

Finally, we had decided to buy the kids' favorite foods from one of the street food sellers.

We took all of the foods and returned to our hotel...

We all agreed the small yard outside our room is the best "dining place" of all.

Furthermore, dinner for the night was made up of pizza, french fries, burgers and cup noddles.... 

That's our last dinner for the whole trip. 


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